Which types of fiction series are included in our catalogue – is there a prevalent theme, genre or style?


Windrose is primarily acquiring:


- comedies

- series with a story line strongly based on History

- series with a story line strongly based on politics

- series with a feminist approach

- entertaining series with an educational dimension

- No criminal series

- No medical series

- No sex and drugs topics


Which types of documentaries, performances and fiction series are included in our catalogue – is there a prevalent theme, genre or style?


We are interested in all kinds of true documentaries (one-off and series) in their forms and topics even though some genres perform better commercially such as history (ancient civilizations, WWII and about the big historical events or figures), cutting-edge science, current affairs/global issues documentaries, biographies of celebrities and wildlife. We also dedicate a specific work on the arts & culture (history of art or current international artistic scene involving renowned artists) including music (all types, documentaries about international celebrities and concerts with famous artists) and dance niches (ballets and documentaries about famous ensemble, dancers or choreographers). We would like to receive more documentaries for kids. Fiction series are finally more and more requested by our buyers.


At the moment, we specifically look for:


- scripted series (fiction) covering the following genres: comedy, History, politics, strong women characters.

- animation series for kids

- jazz concerts for example shot at prestigious jazz festivals;

- documentaries about traditional ways of living, in remote places but also close to where we live;

- documentaries focusing on certain zones: Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East.

- documentaries for anniversaries

- science documentaries: contemporary global stories about discoveries and innovations across all technological and scientific disciplines which have an impact on society.

- Green initiatives bringing hope

- journalistic political investigations

- wildlife

- documentaries about architecture.


- strong female characters

- celebrities

- 4K programmes

- Dance programmes with (docs or ballets): Isadora Duncan, Galina Ulanova, Paul Taylor, Pina Bausch, Natalia Makarova, Jiri Kylian, Mikhail Baryshnikov and/or Manuel Legris.


How do we select which titles to work with?


We select the films the same way the buyers proceed: they should be recent, in HD or 4K, last 52’ even if a longer or shorter version exists & could be summarised in one sentence; then we screen the beginning of the film. Only if we feel like watching them after the 10 first minutes we may acquire them. We allow ourself to take films with a low commercial potential if we love them but inform the producer of our feeling before signing any distribution agreement. There are of course many other criteria according to each genre. For example, a true scientific approach may be key for some films, celebrities for others. Having a true linguistic version (without any subtitle) is becoming key to enhance the commercial potential of a film. We finally rely on experts to check the accuracy of the stories.