FR | 2018 | 69’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud - Les Nouveaux Caractères | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


© Arnaud Bertereau

After the big success of "Dios Proveera", stage directors David Bobée and Caroline Mutel, accompanied by the baroque Ensemble "les Nouveaux Caractères"  conducted by Sébastien d'Hérin, tackle the cult work by Giovanni Battista Pergolese: Stabat Mater! By creating a series of portraits of pain, embodied by the dancers, they show us through this mix of music, acrobatie, dance and vocal performance how much the message of Pergolese of the in vain sacrificed humanity, is timeless.

>>NEW<< la pli i donn 

FR | 2017 | 72’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud - Cirquons Flex | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


© Romain Philippon

In this creation of the Cirquons Flex company (Reunion’s Island), directed by Christophe Rules, musician, performer and ethnologist, four acrobats from Brittany, Madagascar, Reunion’s Island, and South Africa question climate change and more broadly the crises in our globalized society that is losing its roots. In Creole from Reunion’s Island, «La pli i donn» means "it rains". This circus / theater / musical / dance show is an ode to relationships between people and nature. The rain is hopeful because it gives life, even if the road is long.

Shot in Théâtre d'Ivry-Antoine Vitez.

dios proveerA 

FR | 2016 | 88’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


© Arnaud Bertereau Agence Mona

The well-known French director David Bobée decided to tell the history of Columbia with acrobats from Bogota. A combination of aesthetic acrobatics & dance choreographies, striking costumes, imaginative settings, live South-American baroque music and video screenings recall in a very powerful way how the colonizers subjugated the local population: where the sublime goes alongside the brutality. The host presentation of the show can be cut by request.




FR | 2016 | 88' | HD | Introduction in French, songs in Spanish | By Thierry Teston | Axe Sud & Cirque Phénix | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Cirque Phénix

The Circus Phénix of Paris presents a Cuban show with 50 acrobats, dancers & musicians who perform 12 colorful scenes, giving a hybrid identity to this creation between a musical & a genuine circus show (without animals). Rigor & technicality inspired sometimes from Russians & Chinese are sublimated by the tropical joy of life irradiating these performances.




FR | 2013 | 96' | HD | French | By Jean-Christophe Pontiès | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


"Chinese" transposition of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, this performance mixing circus and dance will take you into Alice’s journey in Wonderland. The Chinese performers offer fantastic new perspectives on this story, fostering the viewer's own imagination.

Gruber Ballet Opera and Academy of Circus Arts in Tianjin.