Application Forthcoming Deadlines:


  • CPH:LAB (09/2022-03/2023): for doc projects at the intersection of art, science and society, by artists keen to explore new forms of expression in factual storytelling. Submissions until 16/06/2022.

  • Jackson Wild Media Lab (Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National park, Burgenland, Austria, 20-30/09/2022): immersive science filmmaking workshop that brings scientists and creators together to learn from leaders in the profession and work together to develop effective tools to communicate about science, nature and conservation. Media Lab fellows will work with instructors and mentors to gain hands-on filmmaking experience with professional equipment, learn the science of science communication, and expand their networks with peers and industry professionals. This program will cover all expenses associated with travel, food and lodging during the workshop and the Jackson Wild Summit. Applications by 3/06/2022.


  • Green Lab: how to produce in a sustainable way! For European teams developing a feature film, film production professionals and green managers. Join the second workshop of 2022 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) next July! Application by 03/06/2022.


  • Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris: a one-year program for future producers and distributors up to the age of 30. From the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg to the Fémis in Paris, via the NFTS in London, the training year is divided into periods of theory and practical application. This includes visits to television stations, participation in film festivals and a one-month internship in a distribution or international sales company. The Ludwigsburg-Paris workshop is open to young Europeans, but also to international candidates. Application deadline: 31/05/2022


  • Cinekid Script LAB: a 6-month script training program for screenwriters with a project for a children's film or series. The program offers customized coaching and training, and responds to the specific needs of the writer and the story. Application deadline: 23/05/2022.




  • Close-up, a coproduction training programme for filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Catapult Research Grant for nonfiction films and filmmakers: $10,000 grant plus six months of mentorship and professional development to five filmmakers in the early conception and research phase of developing a new film idea.

  • Sundance Institute:  labs, grants, intensives, mentorships with accomplished professionals, and ongoing support to advance the development, production, and completion of independent work. 
  • Tribeca Film Institute: mentorship, and networking opportunities for entry- to mid-level filmmakers:

    1. Scripted : short or feature-length films or series

    2. Documentary: short or feature-length films

    3. Interactive: artists of emerging technologies (e.g. VR and AR)

  • The D-Word: for documentary professionals worldwide, offering discussions about the art, craft, business and social impact of documentary film. 

  • Women in Film and Television International (Ireland): Masterclass & networking events, support to female  participation, commission a detailed statistical analysis of the Irish film and television industry.
  • EWA Network: group of women working in the European film industry
    1. One-to-one business mentoring programme for women producers
    2. Berlin Scriptwriters' Residency : script consultant and the accreditation for the Berlinale.
    3. Film industry workshops for female directors & producers

  • Institute of Documentary Film (IDF, Czech Republic): supporting creative documentary films from Central and Eastern Europe
     Oriente Film: residential workshops and training

  • Documentary Campus: for European documentary producers with tailored training and advice.
    1.The Masterschool: Workshops for European directors and producers. Application until 15 November 2021.

    2.Crossing Borders: One-off workshops and pitching forums for Asian and European filmmakers.
    3. Campus Latino: training programme for experienced filmmakers from Latin America.
    4. The MENA Programme: A training course for filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa.


  • Serial Eyes (Berlin, Germany): Europe's postgraduate training programme for television writers and producers.
  • CIRCLE - Women Doc Accelerator (21-26/09/2021, Tivat ,Montenegro): training programme for female documentary film directors and producers.

  • scriptFORUM Vienna Austria: for female professional screenwriters, training programme to improve a treatment or a screenplay with a group of 3-4 experts from the fields of screenwriting/dramaturgy, directing and production. The costs incurred are borne entirely by DrehbuchFORUM. Applications for scriptFORUM should be sent by email to: Please include the material in question in the form of a script or treatment and a brief explanation of why a scriptFORUM should be used.


Closed Applications:


  • DocsBarcelona online artistic consultancy on documentary rough cut.

  • Serial Eyes: for experienced TV script-writers, full time during 9 month. 

  • 2022 Rough Cut Retreat: mentoring programme to help move films from rough cut to fine cut.​

  • INTER-INSULAR WORKSHOP - SPAIN & MEDITERRANEAN ISLANDS (May 30 - June 4 , 2022, Palma de Mallorca, Spain): In parallel and in connexion with the 2nd session of EURODOC22 yearly training, a group of 10/12 participants, producers or directors-producers from the Balearic and Canary Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Azores and Malta will have the possibility to attend an intensive 5-day workshop focusing on documentary project development. Producers from other regions of Spain are also welcome to apply! For producers or filmmakers-producers from Mallorca and the Spanish islands, Corsica (France), Sardinia and Sicily (Italy) , Portuguese Islands and Malta will have priority; producers from other regions of Spain can also apply. This workshop is a unique opportunity to get a deeper insight into international co-productions and to create new connections with international documentary professionals. ​

  • EVIA FILM PROJECT IN PROGRESS (Greece): development programme for:
    • Feature-length fiction / documentary / new media / animation film projects from all over the world.
    • About ecologicy sustainability.
    • in the development stage or the editing / post-production stage.​
  • ACE Leadership Special:
  • Series Lab Hamburg (14-16/06/2022): a project development, co-production and financing workshop for European series will bring together 20 European producers and scriptwriters developing a fictional TV series in search of international partners. The participants will be accompanied by international scriptwriting experts and will meet potential European financial partners. If you are interested, please contact Céline Lanfranco: 

  • European Showrunner Training (06-11/2022): a 6-month training and mentoring program designed to provide experienced European series writers with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to assume the role of showrunner. Through online and residential seminars in Cologne, as well as individual mentoring, the program helps each participant become a successful showrunner in Europe. Application closed.

  • EMERGING PRODUCERS (October 24–28, 2022 (Jihlava) and in February 2023 (Berlin)): training and promotion of talented European documentary film producers. Application closed.

  • Green Film lab: to produce films in a sustainable way. Applications closed.

  • Green Film Labto train European professionals on green practices. The call targets: teams developing a fiction or documentary feature film, film production professionals and green managers. 24 participants will join the first workshop in Trento (Italy) between April and May.​

  • IDFA Project Space: annual talent development program offers first- or second-time documentary directors the opportunity to work on their project with filmmakers and film professionals from June to September, with two online modules and one in-person week in Amsterdam. 

  • TFL Next TV Series: for international professionals to develop their own original and ambitious TV Series projects. For 20 projects at an early development stage. The workshop is concept-based and will be held online in May and June 2022. ✎​

  • Breaking Through The Lens BTTL PITCH: for female and non-binary directors with a feature film or documentary project in late-stage development. Ten successful applicants will have the opportunity to pitch in front of leading investors, distributors and sales agents at Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. For narrative and documentary projects from around the world. There is no restriction in terms of location or genre, but the project must have:

    • Strong, finished script (or detailed beat sheet in the case of Documentaries)
    • A Producer who has completed at least one feature-film.
    • A visual treatment, which communicates the Director's vision.
    • A top-sheet budget and finance plan (should you be shortlisted)
    • This is about finding films with strong artistic merit, that are already in a position to receive finance and go into production within the next 12 months.
  • EKRAN+: international training programme for directors and scriptwriters to develop scripts and produce scenes for each project under the guidance of renowned filmmakers. Each project is represented by a creative team consisting of a director (or writer-director), a writer (or co-writer), a director of photography and a producer. Based on teamwork, the programme includes script processing and/or development, shooting preparation (casting, storyboarding and individual consultations with tutors), shooting, editing and an evaluation of the scenes produced by the group and the tutors. It consists of 3 sessions, which will take place between April and September 2022.​

  • EURODOC INTER-INSULAR WORKSHOP: Doc project development and financing.  
  • EAVE Puentes: course for the development of co-productions between Europe and Latin America, aimed at Latin American and European film professionals. Will be selected to participate: 10 producers, and 4/5 European film professionals (sales agents, financiers, distributors, festival programmers, co-production market representatives). The first workshop will take place from July 11 to 15 in Italy. The second workshop will be held in Uruguay in November or December. 

  • INTER-INSULAR WORKSHOP EURODOC (Ajaccio, France, 21-25/03/2022): a group of 12 participants will have an intensive 5-day workshop focusing on documentary project development to get a deeper insight into international co-productions and to create new connections with international documentary professionals. For producers and/or filmmakers (solo or duo) from Corsica (France), Mallorca (Spain), Sardinia and Sicily (Italy) & Portuguese Islands. 

  • CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator: for up to 10 women filmmakers (directors or producers) with a strong documentary project who are seeking support to upgrade their professional skills and develop their films with the leading experts. 3 tailor made sessions in 3 different countries. Applications closed.​​
  • The Grierson Trust’s 2022 Grierson DocLab training scheme is a great opportunity for 18-25yr olds to take their first steps in docs/TV. 12 trainees will get intensive training, paid work placements, a mentor match & more. Application closed.

  • ESoDoc - European Social Documentary is a training course for film professionals engaged in social, political, environmental and human rights issues, willing to experiment with new documentary formats, business models and co-creative production. Application closed.

  • EWA Network’s Mentoring Scheme is an exclusive programme specifically aimed at women producers who wish to evolve further to an international dimension. A career enhancement programme for 16 female producers. Since 2018, the scheme has allowed mentees to upgrade the core skills and competencies needed in their profession such as financing, negotiating, management and business development. Applications closed.
  • CAMP4science: science documentary to be developed with mentors. Application closed.​
  • SeriesLab - Talents aims at scouting and training the best emerging talents in new drama writing, to give them the chance to experience the work in a real writers’ room. It will unfold in 6 months, ending with a presentation in one of the main European TV markets in 2023. Application closed.​

  • PREMIER JETA one-day workshop on two documentary films in the process of being written, where invited professionals give constructive feedback and help the young authors to clarify their intentions. Application closed.​

  • dok.incubator workshop 20226 months of intensive editing, distribution, and marketing strategy planning. For editors, directors, and producers. Submissions closed.
  • SERIESLAB follows the entire process of creation of a TV series concept, offering the support of highly qualified tutors and story editors in generating ideas and structuring the material, up to a final presentation in front of a selection of the major key players of the international TV industry at MIA Market. The call is open to professional European scriptwriters, directors and producers that are working on a TV series project at an early development stage. Applications closed.
  • L'IMPACT LAB (17-21/01/2021, Biarritz, France): tutoring to learn how to plan and run a campaign to inscrease the social impact of your doc. Submission closed.

  • Documentary Campus Masterschool: European training programme for documentary development and financing. Submission closed.

  • focal Production Value (8-16/01/2022, Retz, Austria): workshop dedicated to the programming and budgeting of feature films and series with budgets ranging from 3 to over 15 million euros. It focuses on the skills needed to plan and budget ambitious and complex projects with an emphasis on understanding the different working conditions in Europe. It also encourages collaboration and creative partnership between assistant directors and line producers and their producer and director counterparts. Applications closed.

  • Hot Docs & Netflix's global initiative: Hot Docs and Netflix are looking to discover the next generation of filmmakers through their funniest non-fiction tales. It’s Funny Because It’s True is open to anyone in the world with a demonstrated commitment to filmmaking. Applications closed.

  • New Perspectives Pitch Lab: a 12 month initiative empowering nonfiction storytellers to pursue and build support for the stories they seek to tell for social impact project in development or production, with wide consideration given to projects across observational or character-driven stories, hybrid and essay films, podcasts, and series for television or online.

  • ​​Kids Kino Lab: international script development for scriptwriters and producers interested in developing films or series (fiction, animation or documentary) for children and young people, from a short synopsis to the first draft of the script as well as the basis for production (estimated budget, financing and promotion plan). 4 five-day workshops (Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium) and 3 online sessions with tutors, spread between January and September 2022. Applications closed.
  • EAVE Producers Workshop 2022: for fiction, documentary and TV series producers in Europe. Application until 31/08/2021.
  • ACE 31: training programme for kids film experienced producers. Submission closed.

  • Cinekid Script LAB (10/2021 at Cinekid and Berlinale 22): children's project submission closed. Script-writing training for authors.

  • European VOD Meetings, Palma de Majorque, Baléares, (28-30/07/2021): submission closed.

  • IDFAcademy during IDFA: Accreditation closed.

  • EAVE Producers Workshop 2022: submission closed.

  • TFL Next - Audience Design 2021: closed submission for international film professionals interested in gaining hands-on experience in the creation of innovative audience engagement strategies for film projects in the development or pre-production stage.

  • Development programme CPH:LAB: call for projects for the 2021/2022 reflecting the desire for social & environmental transformations closed.

  • ACE SERIES SPECIAL (6–11/12/2021, Brussels, Belgium, with sessions online before and after): workshop for experienced producers who want to produce TV drama series for an international audience. Application closed.

  • Astra Film Lab (6-12/09/2021, Sibiu, Romania): doc project submission closed.

  • NEXT WAVE 2021: a 9-month professional training programme focused on 21st-century film market.

  • EAVE+ offers 15 producers the opportunity to discuss their company structures and management practices together with high-profile industry experts during 4 days to tackle the business side of running a film company.


  • French data base of training programmes- HOW TO MAKE A TEASER? Editing and post-production workshop (20-27/05/2021): registration.

  • The Art of Pitching: Erich Pommer Institut's online training programme. Submission closed.

  • DOCS BARCELONA INDUSTRY (18-28/05/2021): doc rough cut submission closed for artistic consultancy.

  • Ex Oriente Film workshop 2021: Creative feature-length documentary projects and docuseries in development and production, challenging genres, format and media boundaries are welcome to apply for free to the  submission closed.

  • EURODOC CORSICA WORKSHOP (7-12/05/2021): application for producers and filmmakers from Corsica, Balearic Island, Italian & Portuguese Islands for documentary project development closed.

  • EMERGING PRODUCERS workshop (25-29/10/2021 in Jihlava, Czech Republic and 02/2022 in Berlin, Germany): applications for training of European documentary film producers closed.

  • Training for young professionals at La Poudrière (19/04-2/07/21): script writing for a TV film adapted from a children's book and development of a concept for a TV series or web series. Submission closed.

  • CIRCLE 2021: documentary project in any stage of production directed/produced by a woman submission closed.

  • Camp 4Science online Workshop (27/04-02/05/2021): science documentary project submission closed.

  • ESoDoc - European Social Documentary: project submission closed.

  • SeriesLab: fiction series development training application closed.

  • SERIES' WOMEN: coaching for female producers submission closed.

  • TorinoFilmLab: feature film or TV series at early stage of developpment application closed.

  • dok.incubator is a training programme for editors, directors and producers to a six–month long workshop, focused on filmmakers’ professional development: application closed.

  • CIRCLE Women Doc Accelerator 2021: applications closed.

  • IDFAcademy Summer school, 07/2020 and IDFAcademy: applications closed.

  • Eurodoc: applications closed.

  • Rotterdam Lab (25/01-05/02/2021): submission closed.

  • Documentary Campus Masterschool (2021): film project submission closed.

  • FIFDH IMPACT DAY (January and March 2021, Geneva, Switzerland): for training and networking with filmmakers and changemakers for a long-lasting positive change in our society, documentary on human rights or social justice submission closed.

  • IDFA Project Space: film project submission for a wide range of guidance and mentorship activities throughout the year from 29/06/2020.

  • EAVE plus: sustainable companies submission until 22/06/2021.

  • EAVE marketing workshop: applications closed.

  • EAVE producers workshop: applications closed.

  • Human Rights Film Festival - Climate Story Lab (6-9/10/2020, Berlin, Germany): film project submission on climate change closed.

  • Résidence d'écriture film documentaire de création (2-16/09/2020, Tlemcen, Algérie): film project submission closed.

  • CPH:LAB: doc projects submissions closed.

  • ACE: training for producers to set up an international coproduction, submission closed.

  • School of Film Advancement (SOFA): film project development workshops, submission closed.

  • DOCMONTEVIDEO : Latin American film development training, submission closed.