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SL | 2017 | 72' + looking for a sale to create a 52' | 4K | English (sub.) & Slovenian (sub.) | By Jure Breceljnik & Rožle Bregar | Film IT, RTV SLO, Studio Ritem, Vizualist | Broadcaster: RTV SLO


Merely 4 500 people inhabit East Greenland’s 20.000 km long coast. It's one of the least populated place on our planet. Only over the last five generations, the ”modern” way of life penetrated East Greenland: the local population faced dramatic changes, from living in total isolation -the way people lived in the Stone Age- to integration in our globalized world. The world of the Inuit is changing at an alarming pace. Still, there are hunters and their families perpetuating their customs and traditions in a beautiful way.


FR | 2015 | 43' / 74' | HD | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Stanzin Dorjai Gya & Christiane Mordelet | Les Films de la Découverte | Broadcasters: ZDF, Arte


Far away from any civilization, on the dry Himalayan plateaus (up to 18,300 feet altitude), Tsering the shepherd devotes her whole life to her 300 hundred sheep and Pashmînâ goats, that she cherishes like a mother. She grazes them under the threat of wild animals. The new generations refusing this hard lonely work, it makes those images even more rare and moving. A life far from the western world luxury industries to which the cashmere wool is destined.


FR | 2014 | 52' / 66' | HD | English, French (sub.) | By Philippe Mac Gaw | Pronto Prod | Broadcasters: Voyage, Ushuaia


Dashdeleg is about to leave his traditional Mongol's life of nomad to go with his family live in the city of Ulaanbaatar where his grandson lives. This transhumance through the beautiful landscapes of Mongolia is a story of the nomadic culture that is disappearing.  


ES | 2014 | 52'/67' | HD | English, Portuguese, Spanish (sub.) | By Gorka  Gamarra | Icarukuri S.L


Creole is the only common local language in Guinea Bissau, former Portuguese colony, but is still not the official language since the country's independence in 1973. It is still Portuguese. Creole was used to rebel against the settlers. It has become the language in which artists from different generations express their feelings & the social reality of the country. In this documentary, we discover how they promote this language as a cement of the national identity, through their songs.


FR | 2013 | 53' | HD | French | By Philippe Delassus | Skopia Films | Broadcaster: France 5


In a mine in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, everybody from children to old people, works to extract, carry and crumb granite outside of any company’s organisation in the framework of rules established by the workers’ community. In the middle of this anthill, a man decides to move a huge quantity of earth to launch his own stones’ exploitation. Will he succeed? 


FR | 2011 | 55' | HD | French (sub.), English (sub.) | By Cécile Couraud | Wendigo Films | Broadaster: Vosges TV Images plus


The El Mansour Eddhabi dam, built in 1972 by the Moroccan government, threatens the lifestyle of nomadic pastoralists. Water monitoring is problematic: should this resource be streamlined for the sake of the city development or should nature take care of everything?