FR | 2022 | 52’ | French, English (sub.) | By Thibault Jandot | La Boîte à Songes | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Julien Pineau, a 34-year-old excellent winemaker from Loir-et-Cher (France), has just invested in a brand new winery. We follow him in his work during a whole year during which he will encounter more and more difficulties and challenges (storm, wine disease, etc.). Will he be able to save his production?


CA | Completion 2022 | 52’ + feature length | 4K tbc | English | By Duncan McDowall | Before The Wire Inc. 

Some of the next generation of the Blackfoot First Nation community in Canada empowers itself and fights opioid addiction by preserving ancient indigenous equine traditions. Through their 400 year-old practice of horsemanship, teenagers recovering from drug addiction, PTSD and low self-esteem, reconnect with their ancestral identity, regain self-esteem and actively promote Blackfoot traditions. We follow Ty, who built up his own Indian Relay racing team and train the young Mary to become a lady warrior relay riding champion. Together, will they find their way on their challenging road to recovery and quest for identity?

moroccan gunpowder girls

DE | 2020 | 50' / 43' for the German version | 4K | German, French (sub.), English (sub.) | By Ute de Groot & Susan Gluth Leonardo Film | Broadcaster: ARTE


Moroccan women challenge the patriarchal society by taking part in an ancestral horse ritual formerly trusted by men, the FANTASIA. The young woman Afrae Ben Bih is training her team of female riders for the event. Despite the support of women and men of their community, will they achieve to be recognized in the manly world of the FANTASIA competition?

beyond my steps

A0 | 2019 | 72' | HD | Portuguese, English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Kamy Lara | Geração 80 


The five dancers of the professional (and inclusive) Angolan Contemporary Dance Company embark us in the heart of the creation of their new performance. Between modern Luanda and the mythic country side, they develop an aesthetic reflecting the changes of the Angolan society fuelled with the striking ancestral dance traditions. They offer us a unique travel, through amazing landscapes, magnified by the hypnotic dancers' bodies and movements, the impressive picture quality and a bewitching original electro music. 


Choreographer: Monica Anapaz

Mozambique, the out of time island

FR | 2018 | 52' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Thomas Delorme Dude Presse & Octopus Foundation | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Off the coast of southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, the island of Mozambique, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was for three centuries the capital of the country whose name it bears. As essential crossroad of the Indian route, it has been shaped by trade exchanges and Arab, Persian, European as well as Indian influences. Embark on a journey to discover the many facets of this bewitching island, between heritage preservation, archaeological excavations and the valorisation of local traditional cultures.

HiNE TAI'A, chronicles of a fishermen family

FR | 2018 | 52' | HD | French (sub.), English (sub.) | By Thomas Delorme & Virginie Tetoofa | Dude Presse | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Nestled under the coconut trees of Tahiti, the village of Tautira is home to a unique fishing family. The young Tetuara is one of the few women on the island who fishes big-game. Making her father proud and earning the respect of the entire community, she is the pillar of a family which depends on the product of her fishing. With her young sister, they perpetuate the practice of a tough traditional profession, respectful of nature, incorporating certain evolutions of the modern world.


FR/SI | 2018 | 72' / 52' | 4K | English (sub.) & Slovenian (sub.), French (at ARTE sales) | By Jure Breceljnik & Rožle Bregar | Film IT,  RTV SLO, Studio Ritem, Vizualist | Broadcasters: RTV SLO, ARTE, TVP.


Merely 4 500 people inhabit East Greenland’s 20.000 km long coast. It's one of the least populated place on our planet. Only over the last five generations, the ”modern” way of life penetrated East Greenland: the local population faced dramatic changes, from living in total isolation -the way people lived in the Stone Age- to integration in our globalized world. Still, there are hunters and their families perpetuating their customs and traditions in a beautiful way.

brandon's marake

FR | 2017 | 52' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Dave Bénéteau de Laprairie & Laetitia Kugler | Dynamo production | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Brandon is a Native American teenager from Camopi, a French Guiana commune in the remote equatorial forest. Schooled in Cayenne (main city of Guyana), he must return to his village in a dugout canoe to perform the rite of Maraké, marking the passage to adulthood, which he failed three years ago. Will he succeed in becoming a man, preserve the honor of his family but also his ancestral culture? With the sounds of Tules and songs in Wayampi, Brandon will live a key moment, founder of his identity.


FR | 2015 | 43' / 74' | HD | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Stanzin Dorjai Gya & Christiane Mordelet | Les Films de la Découverte | Broadcasters: ZDF, ARTE


Far away from any civilization, on the dry Himalayan plateaus (up to 18,300 feet altitude), Tsering the shepherd devotes her whole life to her 300 hundred sheep and Pashmînâ goats, that she cherishes like a mother. She grazes them under the threat of wild animals. The new generations refusing this hard lonely work, it makes those images even more rare and moving. A life far from the western world luxury industries to which the cashmere wool is destined.


FR | 2013 | 53' | HD | French | By Philippe Delassus | Skopia Films | Broadcaster: France 5


In a mine in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, everybody from children to old people, works to extract, carry and crumb granite outside of any company’s organisation in the framework of rules established by the workers’ community. In the middle of this anthill, a man decides to move a huge quantity of earth to launch his own stones’ exploitation. Will he succeed? 


FR | 2011 | 55' | HD | French (sub.), English (sub.) | By Cécile Couraud | Wendigo Films | Broadcaster: Vosges TV Images plus


The El Mansour Eddhabi dam, built in 1972 by the Moroccan government, threatens the lifestyle of nomadic pastoralists. Water monitoring is problematic: should this resource be streamlined for the sake of the city development or should nature take care of everything?