ES | 2022 | 52’ / 83' | HD | 83' version available in Spanish (sub.), Catalan (sub.), Galego (sub.), Basque (sub.), French (sub.), Italian (sub.), English (sub.) & 52' available in Basque (sub.), Catalan (sub.), Spanish (sub.), Italian (sub.) and English (sub.) | By Ritxi Lizartza, David Pallarès, Oier Aranzabal  | Maluta Films & Apaizak Aie | Broadcaster: EiTB


The Catholic Church compromised with Franco's dictatorship in Spain, where it allowed the imprisonment and torture of its own priests, whose only "crime" was to support the population oppressed by the fascist regime. A group of priests who suffered this imprisonment meet and return to the priest's prison of Zamora to tell us this story. Interviews with key figures and poignant animated images support their stories.

East Of Our Memory

FR | 2019 | 52’ | HD | French, German, English (sub.) | By Marion Verlé & Jeanne Nouchi | Wendigo Films & Ambiances asbl | Broadcasters: Mirabelle TV, Vosges TV, Public Sénat


Mario, Heidi, Franck, Hans and Martina have different ages and backgrounds but they share the nostalgia they feel for the GDR. 30 years after the fall of the Berlin's Wall, this feeling still affects their daily lives. How can we explain the regret of a totalitarian regime?


AU | 2016 | 54’ | 4K | English (sub.) | By Wes Greene | Nalu Productions


25 years after fleeing the civil war in Bosnia (1992-1995), Damir Mitric returns to uncover this trauma. He meets with family, friends, and those working to rebuild a nation borne of ethnic and religious divisions. From Sarajevo, his childhood home where Serbians established a siege to a former concentration camp and to mass graves unveiling the ethnic cleansing of Bosnians by Serbians, Mitric confronts the incomprehensible: How could your neighbours turn into killers? How can you rebuild lives and communities devastated by violence?


FR | 2015 | 52' | HD | English (sub.), French (sub.), Croatian | By Grégoire Osoha & Timothée Demeillers | Quilombo Films | Broadcaster: TV Tours Val de Loire


30 Years Anniversary in 2021 of the war in Croatia.


25 years after the beginning of the civil war in Ex-Yougoslavia, the Serbian and Croatian communities living in Vukovar, a city in Croatia deeply affected by fighting, still don't reconciliate with each other. Segregation in everyday life is still very much alive: children don't play in the same sand box & go to separate classrooms while men don't drink in the same bar and intra-ethnic love is not tolerated by families. Even though, Croatia belongs to the EU, the country remains a powder keg. 


DK | 2015 | 59’ | HD | Danish, English (sub.), Portugese (sub.), Spanish (sub.), Arabic (sub.), Chinese (sub.), Japanese (sub.) | By Casper Høyberg,Thomas Mogensen & Malene Vilstrup | Copenhagen Film Company | Broadcasters: DR TV, SVT


The story of the man behind the Danish design classics is the story of the designer, the craftsman, the private person and of post WWII. The unprecedented economic recovery reflected in culture & lifestyle. Børge Mogensen's furniture is now internationally recognised as an artform with refined and timeless details and continues to inspire. 


CI | 2015 | 2x52’ | HD | French & English (sub.) | By Saïd Mbombo Penda | Sentinelles Productions |  Broadcaster: Al Jazeera


Laurent Gbagbo’s trial in International Criminal Court for crime against humanity opened in January 2016. Acquitted in 2021, he is back in Ivory Coast. President of Ivory Coast from 2000 to 2011, he was sued for having stirred up hatred between his supporters & opponents, leading to the deaths of thousands of civilians & two European journalists. Was he an anti-colonialist liberator or a dictator?  


FR | 2015 | 50’ | HD | French (sub.), English (sub.) | By Léandre-Alain Baker | Les Films du Paquebot | Broadcaster: CINAPS TV


Yolande Mukagasana, wife of a high-ranking Tutsi official, lost her husband and children during the Rwandan genocide in 1984. She makes us relive the first morning of horror and the atrocities that follow. This courageous woman can't stop there: after 16 years spent in Belgium in exile, she comes back to her country and makes the people talk about their traumas to rebuild a society still deeply affected by the genocide.