NinetEENth century

Waterloo, the ultimate battle

BE | 2014 | 80'/52' | HD | English, French and Dutch (voice-over) | By Hugues Lanneau | Les Films de la Mémoire, Wallimage, Bataille de Waterloo1815 asbl | Broadcasters: RTBF, ARTE, VRT, SVT, Ceska TV, Discovery, Foxtel, LIC China, TVP, Smithsonian Network, RAI


This bluechip docu-drama tells the story of the battle of Waterloo, whose bicentenary is to be celebrated in 2015. Hour by hour, even minutes by minutes, each decisive event of one of the most famous campaign in history is depicted. Historians sort out the myth from the truth, based on the most recent research findings. Beyond the historical facts, we discover how 'Waterloo' was lived by its key figures & soldiers in both camps.



FR | 2015 | 52' | HD | French, English | By Christopher Jones & Marie-Dominique Montel | Zoulou Compagnie | Broadcaster: France 3 Corse


After Waterloo defeat on 18  June 1815, Napoleon comes back to Paris. There are only few days left before enemy troups arrive and incarcerate him. Adviced by his brothers, he decides to live his own American dream. This film unveils for the first time the organization of his travel. Thanks to the exceptional access to Napoleon's Malmaison, Ajaccio and Aix Island's Museums (due to the bicentenary) we follow those day by day events prior Saint Helene's exile.

twentieth century

the tycoon. the life of aristotle onassis.

DE | Completion February 2018 | 45'/52' | HD | German, English | By Gabriele Wengler | Stennerfilm & Leonardo Films | Partner: Nordmedia | Broadcasters: NDR, ARTE, Nordmedia


Aristotle Socrates Onassis is the most famous Greek shipping magnate of the XXth century: he amassed the world's largest privately owned shipping fleet and was one of the world's richest and most famous jet-set men. He had an affair with famous opera singer Maria Callas, and married in 1968 Jacqueline Kennedy, the widow of American President John F. Kennedy. His lack of conscience, his brutality, petulance, power of persuasion, intelligence and generosity are still fascinating. New insights into one of the most influential men after World War II call for a journalistically sound as well as glamorous documentary with re-enactments to shedd light on the myth based on love, power and their dark sides. A life like a Greek tragedy: it is the story of a man who rises up from the very bottom, found wealth and power, but never happiness.


 FR | 2016 | 45' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Maxime Midière | Wendigo Films | Broadcasters: Vosges Télévision, ILTV


In 1975, a French wreck-lover, Christian Duval discovered a nazi fortress in Mimoyecques, in North France. An illegal exploration was led by a group of friends to pierce its secrets. Duval's son unveils the aim of this mysterious military position namely to storage V-3 weapons to eliminate London to the picture. In 2014, this fortress was placed under the French National Conservatory's administration.


FR | 2016 | 52' | HD | Spanish (voice-over and sub.), French (voice-over and sub.), English (sub.) | By Jean-Michel Rodrigo | Marmitafilms | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Who was the first female Minister in Europe, in which country and when? Federica Montseny was a charismatic political figure during the Second  Spanish Republic in 1936. Her relatives recall how she has risen to power, her political mandate & achievements and how she fought all her life long against conservatisms and oppressions, despite her exile.


DE | 2014 | 94’ / 52' | HD | German, English (sub. ) | By Felix Moeller | Blueprint Film GmbH | Broadcaster: ARTE


The Third Reich produced 1 ,200 feature films. More than 40 remain forbidden. Nearly seventy years after the end of the Nazi regime, they are banned from public screening in Germany and in many other countries, because they are still considered as dangerous propaganda. Should these films be made freely available? This is their story.


FR | 2014 | 52' & 90' | HD | French & English (voice-over) | By Bob Coen, Eric Nadler & Nicolas Koutsikas | Georama TV | Broadcasters: Arte France, SF, RTS, LRT, LTV, CyBC, SNRT, CESKA, TV ,RT6P, TLT, RTBF, NRK, Estonain TV, La1, TG4, RTVLSO, ERT, SVT, DW


More than one million tons of chemical weapons are lying under water, near our coasts. From 1917 to 1970, armies have systematically been dumping their mortal poisons into the oceans, all over the world. Little by little, the active substances are being released. Why politicians and military staffs took this decision? What are the consequences on maritime life and on our health? This 2-year investigation explores the issue in all its dimensions & search for solutions.


FR | 2017 | 52'/96' | HD | French & English | By Jérôme Prieur | Mélisande films | Broadcaster: France 2


English Professor in Paris, Helen Berr is 21 when she begins her diary. In 1942, the anti-Jewish laws slowly shake up her life. She will die at Bergen Belsen a few days before the camp liberation. Over 50 years, the text only existed as a painful family treasure until its publishing in 2008 in around twenty countries.


FR | 2012 | 57' | French & English | By Christian Delage | Mélisande Films | Broadcasters: Ciné +, Histoire


Through restored archives, often unreleased, by mythical
American filmmakers, we rediscover World War II, from the allied landing to the Nuremberg trial. Their footages, which served as essential historical evidence of the war crimes, are also an aesthetic testimony of their cinematographic experimentations and genius.


USA | 2011 | 60' | HD | English | By Michle Midori Fillion | HURRY UP SISTER PRODUCTIONS | Broadcaster: PBS


While women reporting war may seem commonplace now, their arrival in the profession is the result of 150 years of struggle. This historical documentary, narrated by Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies of CBS’ The Good Wife, combines rarely seen archival footage, stills, & actors reading the written words of the main characters to tell the story of how Women war reporters during WWII, like Ruth Cowan, photographer Dickey Chapelle, & magazine writer Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway's wife, had to fight for access to the biggest news story of the century.


BE | 2008 | 98' or can be cut in 2x52' | HD | French, English (sub.), Dutch  | By Hugues Lanneau | Les Films de la Mémoire | Broadcaster: RTBF, VRT


From 1942 to 1944, 24,196 Jewish men, women and children, were deported from Belgium to Auschwitz. Only 1 ,206 of them returned. A handful of Nazis elaborated the persecution of Jews in Belgium with the support of certain Belgian authorities. How could this have happened? This is the story of this film. This is our history everyone's story.


FR | 2013 | 52’ | HD | French |  By Samia Chala & Thierry Leclère  | Walter films Broadcaster: France Télévisions


In the recently released movie Chocolat, Omar Sy (The Intouchables, 2011 ) interprates Raphaël Padilla, the first black man to become a clown. Through the documentary Chocolate, Negro Clown, discover more about the tumultous life of this man, who was born as a slave and was by no means predestinated to become a star in Paris.