SE | 2019 | 110' + 4' interview of Hans Ek, the conductor under request | English | By Måns Pär Fogelberg | Gothenburg Symphony


The Gothenburg Symphony and electro musicians perform under Hans Ek conduction iconic electro music and industrial rock from the 50ies to the 80ies from Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, NEU!, Einstürzende Neubauten, Rammstein, Can, Ash Ra Temple, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and more, as well as newly written music. This creates a unique listening experience sensationnaly supported by the mesmerising staging and light plays. Get ready to embark!

The concert was shot in the Gothenburg Concert Hall.

THIS woman's work: a tribute to Kate Bush

SE | 2018 | 102' | English | By Måns Pär Fogelberg | Gothenburg Symphony


As one of the most visionary British rock artist, Kate Bush broke through with "Wuthering Heights" in 1978, thanks to her unique voice and personality. This tribute concert with cover singers and a symphonic Orchestra celebrates this album in a vibrant way.

>> NEW << Mississippi Ramblin'

FR | 2018 | 52' | 4K | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Nicolas Finet | N2 The Emerging Side 


Two French cartoonists pay a tribute to iconic blues musician Robert Johnson (1911-1938) who inspired legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendricks, the Rolling Stones, and others traveling to Mississippi (USA). They tell us their graphic novel, "Love in vain", a bestseller translated in ten languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish), about the life of the artist, walking in his footsteps in the cradle of the blues, meeting real blues men.

popical: ane brun

POP CONCERT | SE | 2017 | 100' | HD | English | By Måns Pär Fogelberg | Gothenburg Symphony


This "popical concert"  features Ane Brun, Norwegian pop music artist performing with the Symphonic Orchestra of Göteborg. Rose to be Norway’s best artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards, she got selected for the Swedish awards “Manifest” after her first album “Spending Time With  Morgan” published by her own label DetErMineRecords, in 2003. She plays the guitar, sings her own songs, written by herself with a unique sensibility and adds her own spice to cover songs from any genre raging from Monteverdi, Spanish folk music, Björk's song or electro music, proving that her musical repertoire has no limit.
Conducted by Hans Ek.

The concert was shot in the National Orchestra of Sweden in Gothenburg.

E. S. T. SYMPHONY, A SYMPHONY ODYSSEY of the classical songs from the esbjörn svenson trio

JAZZ CONCERT | SE | 2017 | 115' | HD | English | By Måns Pär Fogelberg | Gothenburg Symphony


The Esbjörn Svensson Trio, the Swedish jazz band, composed of Dan Berglund (double-bass) and Magnus Öström (percussions) are playing with the National Orchestra of Sweden in Göteborg an original arrangement by Hans Ek, conducting the whole concert. The third player, Esbjörn Svensson, former leader and main compositor passed away on 4 June 2008. For the 10th anniversary of his death, this concert plunges us into the passion for jazz and classical music in a unique mix.

The concert was shot in the National Orchestra of Sweden in Gothenburg.


JAZZ & ELECTRO CONCERT | FR | 2017 | 50’ | HD | French | By Mohamed Athamna | Axe Sud - Ewilona Prod | Broadcaster: Culture Box


This "concert-dance performance" is the encounter between the musical and sound universe of the collective Mâäk (European ensemble directed by Laurent Blondiau) between electro and jazz and that of five Burkinabe dancers, choreographed by Salia Sanou. The bodies and the instruments are confronting each other. Each rhythm and sound, gesture and movement is lost in the universe of the other to rebuild itself. Kawral is the quest for the beauty of encounter, instinctive, free and spontaneous, with improvisations where North and South meet, different lifestyles intertwine and discover each other.

Shot at Chapelle du Verbe Incarné, during festival of Avignon, France. 

three women: ellA, billie, sarah

JAZZ CONCERT | FR | 2017 | 99' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday. Three divas, three queens who reigned on the planet Jazz throughout the twentieth century and are still heard today. Three women born from the same mold: the one which gives talent,  character and the capacity of resistance. Born a few years apart, they knew each other, appreciated and competed at a time when it was not good to be born black, woman, with talent for singing. Viktor Lazlo is in turn these three women with delight and charm.

the 100 VOICES of Gospel

POP/GOSPEL CONCERT | FR | 2017 | 138' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud-Ewilona Prod | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Gospel for 100 voices is the biggest choir in the world. They sing the great standards of gospel, traditional American religious songs expressing the pain of slavery as much as the joy of being together. They also play Caribbean, African gospel and current urban gospel. It has more than 75 singers from 24 countries with different religions, 12 dancers, 8 musicians and 5 internationally renowned vocal Leaders. This group got over 12 million viewers for the "Britain Got Talent" TV show, and won the Golden Buzzer and the Favorite Jury's award during the final in 2016. This video created the buzz and was viewed more than 33 million times on Youtube. Due to its globalized composition and the nature of its songs, such as "Oh Happy Days", this choir offers us vibrant moments of communion by singing brotherhood, love and passion of music.
Shot at the Palais des Sports in Paris, Dome of Paris, France.

de LA soul LIVE BAND

HIP HOP CONCERT | FR | 2016 | 63'03'' | HD | By Jessy Nottola | Walter Films | Broadcaster: ARTE


From "3 Feet High and Rising", its first album of 1989, the American band De La Soul has revolutionized the history of rap and imposed a singular style. After 11 years of absence, these pillars of a hip-hop with humorous or activist lyrics, played on December 2, 2016 at the Zénith in Paris, on the occasion of the release of their amazing album "And the Anonymous Nobody". The atmosphere of this concert is marked by the complicity between the artists and the audience. The quasi-hippie attitude and the funky groove of Posdnuos, Dave and DJ Maseo are a show in itself.

Sivert Høyem Live at Acropolis

POP CONCERT | NO | 2017 | 60'/70'/90' | HD | Lyrics in English. The artist speaks in English to the audience, some Norwegian in 70' version | By Anders Lindstad Hektor Grammofon AS and  Peiling Film & TV AS | Broadcaster: NRK


Sivert Høyem is a Norwegian singer, best known as the vocalist of the rock band Madrugada. Since 2007, he has enjoyed success as a solo artist. He dreamed of playing a concert in the Herod Atticus Odeon amphitheater at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. In 2016, the dream came true, as Høyem - as one of very few artists approved by Greek authorities to perform at the theatre - played two sold out shows in front of 10.000 Greek fans.


DOC | FR | 2016 | 52' | HD | French | By Jean-Marc Gosse | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Henri Guédon (1944-2006) was a Martiniquan percussionist -leader of a salsa band- painter and sculptor born on the same day as the abolition of slavery in his homeland. This tribute unveils the story of a humanist, whose legacy still inspires the international artistic scene. 


DOC | FR | 2016 | 52'/75' | 4K | English (sub.), Italian (sub.), French | By Gianluca Loffredo and Andréa Postiglione | Grenouilles Productions, Chacapa Studio, Colibri Film, BHRT | Broadcaster: France 3, BHRT.


© Arnaud Bertereau Agence Mona

The three leaders of the cult Yugoslavian rock band No Smoking were connected by friendship and music. When ethnic conflicts emerged between Serbians, Croatians and Bosnians, ripping apart an entire country, they split up and founded their own bands, two of them keeping the name of No Smoking. Kusturica will join the Serbian one, contributing to make it internationally famous. Their story reflects the one of Yugoslavia. Will they meet up after 20 years?


DOC | ET | 2015 | 81' | HD | English (sub.) | By Dirk van den Berg | OutreMer Film GbR | Partner: Federal Foreign Office of Germany


© Henrik Sauer (bvk)

During the terror regime in Ethiopia, Ethiopian musicians flew to the USA where they influenced the music scene. Today, some of them come back and jam with a new generation of jazz musicians reviving a culture that had been paralyzed for so long.



SLAM CONCERT | FR | 2013 | 52' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


This theatrical and musical "oratorio" is a show aiming at overcoming prejudices and sterotypes about the USA, with songs and slams, based on historical texts (Chritophe Colomb, Walt Whitman, Charles Reznikoff), new ones by David Lescot and by Mike Ladd and work-songs.

Direction: David Lescot

Musical direction: Benoît Delbecq
Theater: Bouffes du Nord


CONCERT | CH | 2013 | 90' | French | By Jean-Pierre Christen | Broadcaster: RTS, TV5 Québec Canada


In Montreux Jazz Festival auditorium, Michel Fugain offers a moving concert of his most famous songs, full of humor and anecdotes shared with the public. The 200 children choristers accompanying him bring freshness and youthfuless.



CONCERT | CH | 2010 | 90' | French | By Jean-Pierre Christen | Broadcaster: RTS


The French composer song-writer Hugues Aufray, also known for its poetry and French interpretation of Bob Dylan’s songs, sings his most successful success in the Stravinsky auditorium of Montreux. With a 200 children choir, he achieves to tremendously touch the audience, moved until the last song.”