CH | 2017 | 12 x 2' | 4K | English, Portuguese | By Rosario Jiménez Gilli | LAS MINAS, Explora CONICYT - BNI


The brain is the most complex structure in the universe. Learn how our nervous system works and how we can help improve its efficiency through short factual clips about neuroscience with diverse animations.

List of episodes: Brain Size, Synapses, Thinking, Neuron, Neurons Die, Sick Mind, Memory, Intelligence, Hemispheres, Emotions, Brain, Learning.

Physical Beauty : The Appetizers

CH | 2017 | 12 x 2' | 4K | Spanish, English (.sub) | By Rosario Jiménez Gilli | LAS MINAS | Broadcaster: CNN Chile


Andy Gomberoff (author of the best-seller “Physics and Eggplants”) explains in 100 seconds scientific phenomena, theories and stories covering a wide range of topics to millennials in a fun way: how a Nobel prize established in a theorem how democracy is related to mathematics, how Marconi created the radio, etc. He pays tributes to leading scientists or demolishes popular myths with scientific facts, easy to understand and with examples from daily life. This is Physical Beauty, The Appetizer. A starter for your brain.


FR | 2017 | 20 x 3' | 4K | English, French | By Mike Baudoncq | Mofo Films 


Fun and quick recipes from different countries to learn how to cook vegan or how to eat healthy and respect animal ethics. Culinary preparations (starters, main courses, desserts) are made with ingredients found in all supermarkets.