Mississippi Ramblin'

FR | 2018 | 52' | 4K | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Nicolas Finet | N2 The Emerging Side


Two French cartoonists pay a tribute to iconic blues musician Robert Johnson (1911-1938), considered as the inventor of blues, who inspired legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendricks, the Rolling Stones, and others, traveling to Mississippi (USA). They recall through their graphic novel, "Love in vain", a bestseller translated in ten languages (Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish), the life of the artist, walking in his footsteps in the cradle of the blues, meeting real blues men.

T.C. BOYLE - Rockstar of American Fiction

DE | 2018 | 52' | HD | German, English (sub.) | By Adrian Stangell | Nordend Film | Broadcaster: ARTE


After a tumultuous youth, the iconic American writer finds peace in the Californian forest, but never gives up criticizing the American society. This intimate documentary dips into the mind of the cult author, gives him a voice and makes clear what the "rock star of American literature" stands for.

Moving libraries - where books mean the world

DE | 2019 | 5x26' | 4K | English (sub.), German (sub. or voice-over), French to be bought to ARTE Sales | By Michael Bernstein & Anja Schürenberg | Bernsteinfilm | Broadcasters: ARTE, BR


Original mobile libraries are run by unusual operators by roller bee, garbage truck, in bags, by bike or ship in order to find their readers, whether they are children in the slums of Bhopal in India, homeless people in Portland, USA or simply those for whom the next book is simply too far away. We get to know the motives of these mobile librarians as they take us into the colorful everyday world of readers in India, Italy, the Caribbean, Columbia and Portland, USA.