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FR | 2018 | 52' | 4K | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Nicolas Finet | N2 The Emerging Side 


Two French cartoonists pay a tribute to iconic blues musician Robert Johnson (1911-1938) who inspired legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendricks, the Rolling Stones, and others traveling to Mississippi (USA). They tell us their graphic novel, "Love in vain", a bestseller translated in seven languages (and published in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Japan), about the life of the artist, walking in his footsteps in the cradle of the blues, meeting real blues men. The 80th anniversary of Robert Johnson's death is celebrated in 2018.


FR / BE | 2014 | 52' | HD | French & English | By Pierre Assouline | Cinétévé | Broadcasters: ARTE France, RTBF


© Leemage

Marguerite Duras, French writer and film director was born in French Indochina on 4 April 1914, 100 years ago. Known for the disintegration of the sentences, the characters, the action and the time in her work, her favorite themes are love, feminine sensualism and alcohol. In 1959, she wrote the scenario of the movie Hiroshima My Love by Alain Resnais and she has been awarded a Goncourt prize in 1984. The documentary shows her life, her work & the world she was surrounded with from her own point of view.  


FR / BE | 2013 | 52' | HD | French & English | By Pierre Assouline | Cinétévé | Broadcasters: ARTE France, RTBF, Ciné+


© Georges Hernad

Georges Simenon, the most read Belgian writer worldwide is the author of incredibly numerous novels, of which the most renowned are Maigret detective novels. Coming from the working class, he has always been concerned about political and societal issues. His own voice is used as the narration voice to guide us through his life unveiled thanks to footages, pictures and excerpts from his work. 


FR | 2011 | 52' | HD | English, French | By William Karel, Livia Marena | Cinétévé | Broadcasters: ARTE France, RAI, SBS, SRF


One of the greatest writers of the XXth century, Philip Roth is the clever and witty scrutinizer of post-50s America's nonsense. His books were awarded numerous prizes (National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, etc.). In this documentary, he and some of his closest friends, such as actress Mia Farrow, recount the rise to success of a charming personality, as well as a humorous novelist.