foundry 39

IT | 2017 | 52'/96' | HD | Italian (sub.), English (sub.) | By Nico Guidetti | POPCult | Partners: Fondazione per la Danza - Aterballetto, Regione Emilia-Romagna Film Commission


Aterballetto is the most important Italian contemporary dance company touring internationally. Their creation, rehearsal and administrative residence is located in a former foundry called "Foundry 39", located on the edge of Reggio Emilia’s historical city center in Italy. This film unveils how all the people working behind the scenes make this fusion happen again to forge and form moving dance performances. 


ES | 2016 | 52' / 72' | HD | Basque (sub.), Catalan (sub.), Spanish (sub.), English (sub.) | By Pablo Iraburu & Inaki Alforja | Arena Communicacion Audiovisual | Partners: Kukai and La Veronale


When Marcos Morau, choreographer who lives in Barcelona and works in Europe, Kukai, a dance company of Basque traditional dancers and a shepherd-singer meet, it creates a powerful ballet: OSKARA. In a globalised world, we are pushed to ask us: what is my identity? Is it made of tradition or creation, history or future? If you want to know who you are, dance.