ES | 2016 | HD | Basque (sub.), Catalan (sub.), Spanish (sub.), English (sub.) | By Pablo Iraburu & Inaki Alforja | Arena Communicacion Audiovisual | Partners: Kukai and La Veronale

When Marcos Moreau, choreographer from Catalonia, Kukai, a group of Basque traditional dancers and Pablo Iraburu and Inaki Alforja, talented Basque filmmakers meet, it creates a powerful esthaetic dance film/documentary. In a sensitive European political context, we are gently pushed to ask us: what is my identity? Is it made of tradition or creation, history or future? If you want to know who you are, dance.


FR | 2013 | 30’ | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Jean-Marie David | 5eme Planète Broadcaster: Mezzo

Rewarded in his homeland for an outstanding career as principal dancer of Paris Opera & choreographer, José Martinez was appointed Artistic Director of the National Company of Ballet and Contemporary Dance by Spain's Ministry of Culture. This doc shows his work, while facing the challenge of unveiling this Spanish elite dancers, both at home and internationally.



FR | 2012 | 51 ’ | HD | English, French (sub.) | By Gilles Delmas | Lardux Films / TVM Cineplume | Broadcaster: TV Montreuil

British choreographer of Bangladeschi descent Akram Khan, known for his creation in the 201 2 London Olympics Opening ceremony, mixes contemporary and traditional Indian dances in his latest performance, DESH. Combining inspiring footages of Bangladesh and rehearsal sequences, this documentary casts fresh light on what it means to belong to a culture. DESH World Premiere at the Curve Theatre, Leicester & London Premiere at the Sadler's Wells, London.


FR | 2008 | 52’ | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Gilles Delmas | Lardux Films, TVM, SidiLarbi | Cherkaoui BVBA Broadcaster: TV Montreuil

The creative process of the spiritual performance “Apocrifu” unveils the interrogations of the three internationally renowned dancers, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Yasuyuki Shuto & Dimitri Jourde and of the Corsican polyphonic ensemble "A Filetta". Exclusive access to rehearsals, improvisations & interviews enable us to question religions & our relation to the body. Performed at the Théâtre de la Monnaie, Brussels.