FR | 2016 | 88' | HD | Introduction in French, songs in Spanish | By Thierry Teston | Axe Sud & Cirque Phénix | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Cirque Phénix

The Circus Phénix of Paris presents a Cuban show with 50 acrobats, dancers & musicians who perform 12 colourful scenes, giving a hybrid identity to this creation between a musical & a genuine circus show (without animals). Rigor & technicality inspired sometimes from Russians & Chinese are sublimated by the tropical joy of life irradiating these performances.


FR | 2015 | 73’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Televisions


This musical enthusiastically recalls the fruitful French Brazilian cultural and artistic relations from the 1920s. Paul Claudel, French ambassador in Brazil, and Darius Milhaud, his cultural advisor, are namely celebrated in this boundary-breaking time travel.



SLAM CONCERT | FR | 2013 | 52' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


This theatrical and musical "oratorio" is a show aiming at overcoming prejudices and sterotypes about the USA, with songs and slams, based on historical texts (Chritophe Colomb, Walt Whitman, Charles Reznikoff), new ones by David Lescot and by Mike Ladd and work-songs.

Direction: David Lescot

Musical direction: Benoît Delbecq
Theater: Bouffes du Nord


FR | 2013 | 81’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Televisions


This musical pays a tribute to Billie Holiday with her twenty most beautiful songs. If Duke Ellington and Artie Shaw let her sing blues and love, Billy Holiday is also known for fighting against segregation and alcohol.
Théâtre Rive Gauche Paris


FR | 2011 | 92' | HD | Spanish | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud, Indigo Productions | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Between reality and fiction, Soy de Cuba is a musical telling the
true story of Rembert Egues, legend of Cuban music and Jenny Sotolongo, singer protegee of Fidel Castro, idol of an entire people and the invented story of Ayala, young country girl who discovers the capital of dance and the love of her life, with dancers, singers and live music on stage (salsa, rumba, mambo
and reggaeton).

La Cigalle, Paris