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DE | 2020 | 50' / 43' for the German version | German, English (sub.) | 4K | By Ute de Groot & Susan Gluth Leonardo Film | Broadcaster: ARTE


More than 500 riders compete every year, at the war ritual of Fantasia in Mediouna, near Casablanca,  that have been celebrated for more than 2 000 years, in an "Arabian Nights" atmosphere. While men have been the exclusive guardians of this tradition, women are now claiming their right to perform it as well. The young horsewoman Afrae Ben Bih is training her team of female riders in preparation for the event. Between an irrepressible desire to challenge established norms and the weight of family traditions, the struggle of a whole generation of women fighting for equality is being told.


FR | 2020 | 52' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Matteo Meglioli | Chickens Chicots | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Through the extreme sport of parachuting, our three heroines, Paméla, Mégane and Shiame, exercise their freedom and explore the limits of our society. Free fall world champion, Lieutenant of 1st Regiment and mother of an immigrant family, they all have a different reason to jump. But are passion and leisure the last spaces where women still have to claim their right to equality?


FR | 2016 | 52' | HD | French (sub. and narration voice), English (sub.) | By Michael Brusseau | VLB Production | Broadcasters: Deutsche Welle


In North Morocco, two surf associations are trying to keep children and teenagers from deprived families away from the street and its harmful temptations. Abdellah El Ghazal, former surfing champion, as well as Youssef and Samia, offer them a safer framework to grow up promoting the values of education, environment and solidarity.


FR | 2014 | 52' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Marion Poizeau | Broadcasters: Globosat, Deutsche Welle


Three women - an Irish surfer, an Iranian snowboarder & an  Iranian diver- decide to introduce surf in Iran. In the Southeastern region, known for its waves, their belief in the values of sport allows them to connect with others and gain a new visibility in the society despite their veil. Surf could also bring economic development to the region. This film has been edited by the famous Iranian filmmaker B. Kiarostami, son of A. Kiarostami.


FR | 2013 | 65'/52' | HD | French (sub on Wolof.), English (sub.) | By Hélène Harder | Wendigo Films | Broadcasters: Arte, PBS


A group of Senegalese women fight for their passion: playing football, in a Muslim society in which people prefer women to play a more traditional role. “Ladies’ Turn”, an NGO, organizing a female soccer tournament, manages to get the chance to play  the final in Dakar’s newest stadium. There, they win a new visibility that is a reflection of the role that women are forging in the Senegalese society.


FR | 2015 | 52' | HD | French | By Caroline Puig Granetier | Les Films de la Découverte | Broadcasters: TV Grenoble, TV8 Mont Blanc


Three internationally renowned French sport champions make us go behind the scenes of golf. Despite their apparent tranquillity and solitude on the course, they resolutely master this intellectually and physically highly-demanding discipline, with a strong team and competitive spirit. Raphaël Jacquelin is the best French international player. Jean Garraialde was the best player in France before retirement. Bruno Saby, former rally driver, brings a complementary input on this thrilling "game".


FR | 2009 | 46’ | French & English (voice over and sub.) | By Nicolas Barthez | Broadcaster: Canal + Poland


What is the secret of Ethiopians, the world’s best long distance runners? Does the explanation lies in their morphology? The organic food they eat? Following Fassika, Henok, Tariku and the coach of Ethiopia’s best runners, we observe their special trainings and enter the deeper reasons of their motivation. With powerful images, this film pays a tribute to exceptional athletes and draws a social portrait of Ethiopia.