FR | 2015 | 108' / 2x52' | HD | English, French (sub. ) | By Tom Boothe | Lardux Films | Broadcaster: TELE BOCAL


The "Park Slope Food Coop" is a cult cooperative supermarket with 1 6,000 members working in it for free during 2 hours 45 per month to earn the right to buy the best food in New York at incredibly low prices (40% less). Shot with a Hopper's esthaetic, this documentary shall inspire any of us.


FR | 2012 | 52' | HD | French | By Sylvie Briet | APC | Broadcaster: France 3


What are the differences between water in bottles & tap water? Which one is the more tasty, healthier or more ecological? Water, common good of every consumer, is the theater of a split between French municipalities attempting to erase the tap water’s bad reputation & world companies inventing new marketing concepts to sell their branded water.


FR | 2012 | 52' | HD | French | By Philippe Claudon | Skopia films | Broadcaster: Telessonne


Community gardens improve the quality of life of urban citizens, often commuters, by providing them with a cultivable piece of land. Growing their own vegetables & fruits enables them to reconnect with nature & get them away from daily stress. These gardens has become spaces of self-accomplishment where communities get to know each other. They often help to reinvent new forms of solidarity, increase awareness on ecology & encourage mutual understanding beyond cultural differences. 


CH | 2011 | 35' | HD | French, English voice-over |  By Lucette Quarteron | Kenzara 

Stress can build up to dangerous levels, making recovery very difficult and mobbing can cause psychological traumas. To cope
with both issues, we can learn from experiences and experts.
Three managers of a leading Paris Hotel explain how they deal with their own stress and that of their teams. Suzanne, former advertising agency director tells us about her professional exhaustion/burn out and gives advice on prevention and treatment. Agnes, victim of psychological harassment, reveals how she overcame the difficulties.



DE / CH / IT / NL | 2011  | 52' | HD | German, English | By Corinna Engelhardt Leonardo Films | Broadcaster: Deutsche Welle

Scientists, luthiers and musicians lead an international experimentation to recreate the sound of the famous Stradivari violin. Its perfection is believed to be linked to the density of the wood. They try to find it back using a special fongi. Will they succeed? Will they get to the bottom of it ?