HU | 2018 | 52' | HD | English (sub.), Hungarian (sub.) | By Attila Dávid Molnár | Filmjungle Productions | Broadcasters: Czech Television, SPEKTRUM Television


Because of poaching (due to superstitions that the horns of rhinos can heal diseases) and climate change causing the destruction of its environment, black rhinos from Africa and Sumatra and in particular Northern Kenya white rhinos (the last Northern white male Rhinos died in March 2018) are endangered. In order to preserve these prehistoric giants from extinction, a scientific team from Berlin are developing  techniques to freeze embryos in order to allow artificial insemination to resurrect the rhinos later on once it will be safe again for them to live in the wild. Close to break through, the scientists bring us from Kenya to Malaysia and Hungary. Rhinos may soon find the ultimate refuge not in the wild, but in the fridge.


HU | 2018 | 52' | HD | English, Hungarian, Spanish (sub.) | By Attila Dávid Molnár & Cintia Garai | Filmjungle Productions | Partners: Tambopata Research Center, Rainforest Expeditions | Broadcasters: M1, M4, Hungarian Public Broadcasters


A thrilling expedition of international scientists deep in the Peruvian jungle aims to save the Macaw parrots from extinction. Illegal trade and deforestation causing habitat loss are actually the biggest threats. But outstanding discoveries, smartly presented, might be the source for a solution.


HU | 2017 | 52' | HD | English (sub. and English narration voice), Hungarian | By Balázs Lerner | Filmjungle Productions | Broadcaster: Hungarian public TV, TVP, Ceska TV, Deutsche Welle


Divers working together with scientists take us into the Molnár János cave -the largest underwater thermos-karstic cave in Europe- to unveil the never seen before underground wonders of Budapest. In this thrilling scientific documentary, we discover the unsuspected huge cave under Budapest and a new specie.

stradivari's heirs

DE / CH / IT / NL | 2011 | 52' | HD | German, English | By Corinna Engelhardt Leonardo Films | Broadcaster: Deutsche Welle


Scientists, luthiers and musicians lead an international experimentation to recreate the sound of the famous Stradivari violin. Its perfection is believed to be linked to the density of the wood. They try to find it back using a special fongi. Will they succeed? Will they get to the bottom of it ?



FR | 2017 | 20 x 3' | 4K | English, French | By Mike Baudoncq | Mofo Films 


Fun and quick recipes from different countries to learn how to cook vegan or how to eat healthy and respect animal ethics. Culinary preparations (starters, main courses, desserts) are made with ingredients found in all supermarkets. 


CH | 2011 | 35' | HD | French, English | By Lucette Quarteron | Kenzara 


Stress can build up to dangerous levels, making recovery very difficult and mobbing can cause psychological traumas. To cope
with both issues, we can learn from experiences and experts.
Three managers of a leading Paris Hotel explain how they deal with their own stress and that of their teams. Suzanne, former advertising agency director tells us about her professional exhaustion/burn out and gives advice on prevention and treatment. Agnes, victim of psychological harassment, reveals how she overcame the difficulties.