>>new<< abou diarra & donko band - live at new morning

FR | 2015 | 62' | spoken in French, songs in bambara (not subtitled) | by Nicolas DATTILESI | KOALA PROD | Partner: MIX & METISSE 


Marked by the ancestral culture of the Mandingo hunters, Abou Diarra is a Malian n'goni (Malian harp guitar) player with an atypical background. Trained by a virtuoso and blind master, he has criss-crossed the roads of Abidjan-Bamako-Conakry on foot for several months, accompanied by his only instrument. Crossing the most remote villages of West Africa as well as modern megalopolises, he drew from traditional sounds and contemporary urban music. His music speaks of travel... Concert filmed at the New Morning, a cult jazz concert hall in Paris.


Bass – Jean-sebastien masanet

Drums – Yannick Arnaud Kouassi

Electric Guitar – Daouda Dembele

Guitar, Keyboards – Moussa Koita

Ngoni, Lead Vocals – Abou Diarra

>>new<< kora jazz band - live at new morning

FR | 2015 | 75'57'' | spoken in French, songs in Senegalese language (not subtitled) | by Nicolas DATTILESI | KOALA PROD | Partner: GIRO MUSIC 


In Senegal, the land of the palaver tree, everything is dialogue. This concert of the Kora Jazz Band places at the center the meeting between jazzmen and old sages, between improvisation and traditions with guest musicians such as Monica Pereira and Jean-Philippe Rykiel. The the piano and the kora are two instruments that are both close -solistic and rhythmic- while emanating from cultures separated by an ocean: the piano comes from the dark clubs of Western megacities while the kora from the earthy streets of West Africa...


Concert filmed at the New Morning, a cult jazz concert hall in Paris.


CA | 2022 | SEASON 1: 10x30’ and more to come with SEASON 2 | French (sub.), English (sub.) | Production du milieu & Pimiento Médias Inc. | Broadcaster: AMI TV


Blind or visually impaired musicians (any music genre), women and men from all over the world, share with us the challenges they had to overcome to become professionals as well as accomplished people and their unique practice of music. In Canada, Mexico, Barcelona, Basque country & Madrid (Spain), New York (USA), Belgium and France, (two countries by episode), these outstanding artists who gave everything to achieve their dream, prove that music is the universal and inclusive language by excellence. 


FR | 2019 | 120' | HD | French, English (sub.) | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud - Association Annette Leday Keli | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


French dancer and choreographer Annette Leday and Australian playwriter David McRuvielliam transposed Shakespeare's tragedy King Lear into Kathakali, an Indian dance and theatre tradition. The central themes of kinship, love, renunciation to the world and war are magnified by the colourful storytelling, the make-up and the huge headdresses of the dancers who move the stage through the harmony of their gestures and the intensity of their emotions.

Théâtre de la Ville, Paris.

Mississippi Ramblin'

FR | 2018 | 52' | 4K | English (sub.), French (sub.) | By Nicolas Finet | N2 The Emerging Side 


Two French cartoonists pay a tribute to iconic blues musician Robert Johnson (1911-1938) who inspired legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendricks, the Rolling Stones, and others traveling to Mississippi (USA). They tell us their graphic novel, "Love in vain", a bestseller translated in seven languages (and published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Japan), about the life of the artist, walking in his footsteps in the cradle of the blues, meeting real blues men.

Gospel for 100 voices

GOSPEL CONCERT | FR | 2017 | 138' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud-Ewilona Prod | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Gospel for 100 voices is the biggest choir in the world. They sing the great standards of gospel, traditional American religious songs expressing the pain of slavery as much as the joy of being together. They also play Caribbean, African gospel and current urban gospel. It has more than 75 singers from 24 countries with different religions, 12 dancers, 8 musicians and 5 internationally renowned vocal Leaders. This group got over 12 million viewers for the "Britain Got Talent" TV show, and won the Golden Buzzer and the Favorite Jury's award during the final in 2016. This video created the buzz and was viewed more than 33 million times on Youtube. Due to its globalized composition and the nature of its songs, such as "Oh Happy Days", this choir offers us vibrant moments of communion by singing brotherhood, love and passion of music.
Shot at the Palais des Sports in Paris, Dome of Paris, France.


CUBAN SHOW | FR | 2016 | 88' | HD | Introduction in French, songs in Spanish | By Thierry Teston | Axe Sud & Cirque Phénix | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Cirque Phénix

The Circus Phénix of Paris presents a Cuban show with 50 acrobats, dancers & musicians who perform 12 colourful scenes, giving a hybrid identity to this creation between a musical & a genuine circus show (without animals). Rigor & technicality inspired sometimes from Russians & Chinese are sublimated by the tropical joy of life irradiating these performances.


DOC | FR | 2016 | 52' | HD | French | By Jean-Marc Gosse | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


Henri Guédon (1944-2006) was a Martiniquan percussionist -leader of a salsa band- painter and sculptor born on the same day as the abolition of slavery in his homeland. This tribute unveils the story of a humanist, whose legacy still inspires the international artistic scene. 


DOC | ET | 2015 | 81' | HD | English (sub.) | By Dirk van den Berg | OutreMer Film GbR | Partner: Federal Foreign Office of Germany


© Henrik Sauer (bvk)

In 2017 will be celebrated the anniversary of the end of the terror regime in Ethiopia. During that time, Ethiopian musicians flew to the USA where they influenced the music scene. Today, some of them come back and jam with a new generation of jazz musicians reviving a culture that had been paralyzed for so long.


GOSPEL CONCERT | FR | 2014 | 65' | HD | English | By François Dubreuil | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: Culturebox


A Gospel band performs a show during Avignon's Festival in France. Composed of catholics and protestants from the USA, Martinic and Africa, it mixes tradition and modernity, colours, jazz and moving lyrics using all the magic ingredients which make the gospel music so special! Singers and musicians of American Gospel Junior have been revealed by the American show "Gospel for 100 voices".


DOC | FR | 2014 | 52’ | HD | French | By Anne Dorr | Axe Sud | Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère, SRTV Vanuatu


Come vibrate in Vanuatu, the dream islanpelago of Pacific ocean. It welcomes every year the music Festival "Fest'Napuan", rich of its musical melting pot, between traditional local musics and current international trends.


OPERA | FR | 2011 | 118'16'' | HD | French (sung & sub-titled) | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud & Théâtre Vollard | Broadcaster: France Télévisions


After Marainaabout the first French and Malagasy inhabitants on the Bourbon's island, Jean-Luc Trulès (music composition & direction) & Emmanuel Genvrin (libretto & direction) created Chinabout a sugar producer conflict at La Réunion in 1955. This contemporary opera unveals a secret story from French overseas departments related to post IIWW decolonisation. Its Chinese, Indian and Malagasy sounds beautifuly incorporate the traditional Western opera tradition. The singers come from Réunion, Martinique, Guadeloupe, mainland France, China, Madagascar.

At Théâtre Jean Vilar, Vitry-sur-Seine. Orchestre de l'Opéra de Massy et de l'Océan indien.