>> NEW << Gospel for 100 voices

CONCERT | FR | Completion June 2017 | 115'-120' | HD | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions, Martinique 1ère | looking for pre-sales for 20 000 EUR

We are looking for 20 000 EUR of pre-sales in order to shoot this new monumental concert show in May 2017. Please request its presentation to pmazenod@windrose.fr

>> NEW << henri guedon, the art and freedom

DOC | FR | 2016 | 52' | HD | French | By Jean-Marc Gosse | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Henri Guédon (1944-2006) was a Martiniquan percussionist -leader of a salsa band- painter and sculptor born on the same day as the abolition of slavery in his homeland. This tribute unveils the story of a humanist, whose legacy still inspires the international artistic scene. 


DOC | ET | 2015 | 81' | HD | English (sub.) | By Dirk van den Berg | OutreMer Film GbR | Partner: Federal Foreign Office of Germany

© Henrik Sauer (bvk)

In 2017 will be celebrated the anniversary of the end of the
terror regime in Ethiopia. During that time, Ethiopian musicians flew to the USA where they influenced the music scene. Today, some of them come back and jam with a new generation of jazz musicians reviving a culture that had been paralyzed for so long.



IDOC | T /CV | 2015 | 52’ | HD | Italian, English (sub.) | By Joe Bastardi | Il Circolo della Confusione

Traveling in the Cape Verde Islands, the director and three
musicians meet their inhabitants and their musical cultures: what is the place of music in the heart of Cape Verdeans and what music genres were influenced by the traditional music of Cape Verde and vice versa? They discover exceptional landscapes and share their deep passion for music.



DOC | BR | 2014 | 13 X 26' | HD | Portuguese, English, Spanish (sub.) | By Marcia Paraiso | Plural Filmes | Broadcasters: TV Brasil, Canal Curta

Each episode colourfully portrays a influent musician, unveiling the music richness in Brazil. Some of them have been enchanting the whole world such as Bule Bule and Pedro Ortaça. Others revolutionized international music by inventing new techniques, rhythms or revealing instruments. Zabé de Loca got famous for playing “fife” & Master Vieira created the music genre “the guitarrada”. The stunning photographic shots transcend the music atmosphere and enhance the most renowned musicians: Mestre Laurentino, Ionete Gama, Côco Raizes, Giba Giba.


DOC | FR | 2014 | 52’ | HD | French | By Anne Dorr | Axe Sud | Nouvelle-Calédonie 1ère,
SRTV Vanuatu

Come vibrate in Vanuatu, the dream islanpelago of Pacific
ocean. It welcomes every year the music Festival "Fest'Napuan", rich of its musical melting pot, between
traditional local musics and current international trends.


DOC | ZA | 2011 | 55’ | HD | English (sub.), Afrikaans (sub.), Portuguese (sub.), Spanish (sub.), French (sub.), German (sub.) | By Angela Ramirez, Sara Gouveia, Calum Macnaughton | Plexus Films, Profoundly South African, Jigsaw Productions, El Truerque Collective

Goema is a unique musical genre, born of ancient & modern, of African, European & Asian musical styles in Cape Town, where African KhoiSan
& Xhosa traditions, Indonesian Malay culture and European influences are mixed together. In this documentary, Mac MacKenzie, a respected Goema veteran, guides us in his work & the making of his “Goema Symphony No. 1”.


DOC | 2011 | 52’ | HD | French (sub.), English (sub.) & Portuguese (sub.), Japanese
(sub.) | By Laurent Benhamou & Valentin Langlois | Hélico, Crunck | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Maloya is a UNESCO World Heritage Reunionese traditional music, a blend of Capoeira & Moringue, of Samba de Roda & Afrobeat. This documentary follows the touring of its most representative band, Lindigo, tracing back their roots in the
Brazilian black legacy. The band appeared at the Fuji Rock Festival, the largest outdoor music event in Japan, on the 27th, 28th & 29th of July, 2012.


CONCERT | FR | 2014 | 65' | HD | English | By François Dubreuil | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: Culturebox

A Gospel band performs a show during Avignon's Festival in France. Composed of catholics and protestants from the USA, Martinic and Africa, it mixes tradition and modernity, colours, jazz and moving lyrics using all the magic ingredients which make the gospel music so special! Singers and musicians of American Gospel Junior have been revealed by the American show "Gospel for 100 voices".