Feel free to submit your film project to:


- IBF Classic: submission deadline on 10/12/2021.

The Whickers Film and TV Funding award: applications from 10/2021.

- Distribution IDFA Bertha Fund for international coproductions documentaries from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe: submissions until 01/10/2021. 

IDFA Forum, including the Producers Connection, Forum Pitch, and Rough Cut Presentations, as well as for IDFA DocLab Forum: submission until 02/08/2021and Docs for Sale: Film submissions deadline: September 15/09/2021.

- Cinekid ScreeningClub: kids film submission for this digital sales library until 14/09/2021.

Gold Panda Sichuan International TV Festival (16-18/11/2021, China): for pitch forum, documentary submission until 15/11/2021.

- WCSFP (12/2021, Strasbourg, France): Applications for Emerging Producers Bursary Program until 03/09/2021. It offers a range of financial support to participate in Congress '21, as well as valuable meetings and networking opportunities.

Ji.hlava Film Fund 2021: in-kind grants for European producers for visual and sound post-production of documentary and hybrid films at the stage of production or post-production. Submission until 31/07/2021.

- Tokyo Gap-Financing Market (TGFM, 1-3/11/2021): for up to 20 selected projects in the categories of fiction films, fiction TV series, animated feature films and animated TV series. It aims to support international producers in securing financing for their projects through one-on-one meetings with professionals from around the globe, including producers, sales agents, distributors, financiers, broadcasters and other potential funders. Submission until 30/07/2021.

All the invited professionals are decision-makers. In addition, each project will have broad networking 

East Silver Market (26-31/10/2021during the 25th edition of Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival): final cut submission until 31/05/2021. Projects in rough cut stage until 31/07/2021.

- The fund Investigative Journalism for Europe (IJ4EU): two calls for EU investigations by 14/07/2021.

1. Investigation Support Scheme: grants of 5.000-50.000 €

2. Freelance Support Scheme: grants until 20.000 €

CINEMED, development grant: submission until 31/07/2021.

MEDIMED (4-8/10/2021, Barcelona, Spain): coproduction forum submissions until 31/07/2021:


- Project should be in advanced development: 25% of the budget already confirmed. If aiming at completion funding, you can already be in production or post-production.

-  A 3 minutes trailer with English subtitles is compulsory.

- Provide proof of the confirmed participation of at least one partner: broadcaster, distributor, supporting fund, foundation.


- Offers the opportunity to present your rough cut to a selection of TV buyers, distributors, sales agents and festival programmers. A minimum of 75% of your material must be shot. You will have 60 minutes to discuss the pitfalls of the project in the current stage of the editing with top industry experts before the final cut.


- Projects can be in all stages of production. There are no restrictions regarding the amount of financing already in place.


2021 closed submissions:


MIA MARKET coproduction market and pitch forum: drama series, documentary and feature film looking for the right financial partners, co-production deals or pre-sales, submission closed

Junior Co-production Market:  children's projects submission to meet financiers, and broadcasters for productions in development.

IDF West Lake International Documentary Festival, (China, 22/10/21– 25/10/21): film project (with Chinese dimension) submission closed.

Bridging the Dragon (13/07/2021, China): submission for one on one meetings closed.

IBF classic (IDFA Bertha Fund): documentary filmmakers applications closed. 

SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch (17-18/09/2021, Halle, Germany): science documentary project in development submission closed.

Cinekid Junior Co-production Market (19-22/10/2021): kids film projects submission closed.


MUSIC SERIES PITCH CONECTA FICTION (28-30/06/2021 and 13-17/09/2021, Pamplona, Navarra,  Spain): music fiction series submission closed.

CARTOON, 20-23/09/2021, Toulouse, France: animation submission closed.

- Series Mania Forum COPRO PITCHING SESSION (30/08-01/09/2021, Lille, France): fiction series project submission closed.

Pitch Copro Series, at Conecta Fiction (28-30/06/2021): fiction series project submission closed.

Les B.A de Série Series (30/06-2/07/2021, Fontainebleau, France) : fiction series project submission closed (Award until 75 000€).

Docs in Progress, , Thessalonique International Film Festival, Greece (28-30/06/2021): doc film submission closed.

Pitch of the Sunny Side of the Doc (21-24/06/2021, La Rochelle, France): documentary project (wildlife, global issues, arts & culture, science, history, submission closed.

TFL Co-Production Fund: feature length film (fiction, animation, documentary) submission closed.

IBF Europe: International Co-production: submission closed.

- DocsBarcelona (18-30/05/2021) : documentary project submission closed for a pitch and one one one meetings with coproducers and financing partners and several financial awards.

CINEMA FOR CHANGE (7-8/04/2021): European film projects about sustainibility submission closed for coproduction and financiers event.

Sheffield Doc/Fest Arts Talent Market: project submission closed.

Trickstar Business Award (7 500 EUR): animation project that has an innovative business concept submission closed.

Co-Production and Financing Market of Animation Production Days (4-7/05/2021, Stuttgart, Germany): animation project submission closed for one one one meetings with coproducers and financing partners.

MeetMarket (9-11/06/2021, Sheffield Doc Fest, UK): documentary project application closed for one on one meetings with industry decision makers.

Pitchs Mifa (15-18-06/2021, Annecy, France): animation film application closed.

DOK.fest (5-16/05/2021, Munich, Germany): film project submission for one on one copro meetings closed.

The Whickers Film & TV Funding Award: documentary project submission closed.

- online Hot Docs Forum (04-05/05/2021, Toronto, Canada): film projects submission to be pitched to a roundtable of international decision makers: closed. 
- Online Hot Docs Deal Maker (May 2021, Toronto, Canada): film projects submission until 4/01/2021 for one-on-one pitch.