>>NEW<< oskara

ES | 2016 | 52'/80' | HD | Basque (sub.), Catalan (sub.), Spanish (sub.), English (sub.) | By Pablo Iraburu & Inaki Alforja | Arena Communicacion Audiovisual | Partners: Kukai and La Veronale

When Marcos Moreau, choreographer from Catalonia, Kukai, a group of Basque traditional dancers and Pablo Iraburu and Inaki Alforja, talented Basque filmmakers meet, it creates a powerful esthaetic dance film/documentary. In a sensitive European political context, we are gently pushed to ask us: what is my identity? Is it made of tradition or creation, history or future? If you want to know who you are, dance.

>>NEW<< KAORI ITO, I dance because I am wary of words

FR | 2016 | 58’ | HD | French and Japanese | By Yvan Schreck | Axe Sud & association Himé | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

How to bolster ties with a father when words are missing? Kaori Ito, the renowned Japanese dancer and choreographer (she collaborated with Découflé, Denis Podalydes etc.) embodies in this ballet a daughter meeting up her true dad after a long absence. She dances to express her buried feelings in order to make up the time loss. 



FR | 2016 | 30’ | HD | French | By Mohamed Athamna | Axe Sud & Compagnie Ruée des Arts | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

© Gilles Aguilar

The male dancers of the Company Ruée des Arts question in this ballet the social representations, through variations of dances around the suit: is the man prisoner of his appearance? The choreographer, Hafid Sour also questions the image of the hip-hop dance today. By mixing the codes of this dance stemming from the street and those of the suit, he sublimates the elegance of bodies by the poetic fluidity of the body movements of the hip-hop dance. Filmed at the House of the Arts of Créteil. The host presentation of the ballet can be cut by request.


>>NEW<< parasite

FR | 2016 | 39’ | HD | French | By Mohamed Athamna | Axe Sud, Compagnie Kilaï et Garde Robe | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

© JP Marcon

In this contemporary dance ballet rich in hip hop influences, choreographed by the gouadeloupéenne, Sandrine Lescourant called Mufasa, her  five women dancers question identity. Can one be itself? What causes interferences inside of me? How to live in society letting emerging in oneself its peculiarity? How to be liberated from the other people's opinions? The host presentation of the ballet can be cut by request.


>>NEW<< double

FR | 2016 | 60’ | HD | French , English (songs) | By François Dubreuil  | Axe Sud, Compagnie Dessources – Nono Battesti | Broadcaster: France Ô

© Benjamin Stuelens

After years having followed him, the shadow of a man stands up to get to know him and materializes as a woman. Fireworks of crossed dance and soul music, this ballet is a search for balance through the reconciliation between the various faces of a person.

Audience Award of the Off festival of Avignon 2016. 
Choreography: Nono Battesti 
Company Dessources
Filmed at the Theater Golovine - Avignon. 


>>NEW<< kaaro

FR | 2016 | 50’ | HD | By François Dubreuil  | Axe Sud, Compagnie En Lacets | Broadcaster: France Ô

© Cie En Lacets

This magnificent choreography allies European contemporary dance and traditional dance from Mayotte mixing the geometrical rigor of the steps of contemporary dance recalling Pina Bausch and Térésa de Keersmaeker and movements of ritual dances. KAARO is the encounter between what we believe to find in Mayotte and what we find. It is the interdependence between two cultures which feed each other, to understand where we come from and to know where we go, step by step. 
By and with Maud Marquet, Jeff Ridjali, Damien Guillemin.


FR | 2016 | 88’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster:

France Télévisions

© Arnaud Bertereau Agence Mona

The well-known French director David Bobée decided to devote a performance to the political struggle of the Columbian population against the regime of violence, after meeting acrobats from Bogota. A combination of meaningful acrobatic choreographies, striking costumes, imaginative settings, live South-American baroque music and video screenings create a cinematographic and powerful play where the sublime goes alongside the brutality. The host presentation of the show can be cut by request.



FR | 2016 | 70’ | HD | French | By Philippe Lainé & Robyn Orlin | Axe Sud Coproducers: France Ô, NC 1 ère, Culturebox, SRTV(Vanuatu) | Broadcaster: France Ô

In the heavenly archipelago of Vanuatu, the South African dancer-choreographer Robyn Orlin captures the Gaua women's unique art of making water sing and let them perform a fascinating hymn to nature, making us aware of the climate change endangering the existence of the archipelago. A singular film-ballet, in which the landscapes, accessories and characters compose a colorful choreographed film.

This programme is presented by Greg Germain in theMultiscénik show.


FR | 2015 | 40’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud  |  Broadcaster:

France Ô

Chantal Loïal, choreographer and dancer from Guadeloupe, creates a voluptuous surpising solo inspirated both by her own life and the one of Sarah Baartman, also known as the "Hottentot Venus", featured in Abdellatif Kechiche's movie The Black Venus. With humour, she highlights their commonexperiences and instead of focusing on their dramas, show us a body that throws off oppressive gazes and flourishes.


In Three ActS

PR | 2015 | 76’ | HD | Portuguese, English (sub.), Spanish (sub.), French (sub.) | By Lucia Murat | Taiga Films | Broadcaster: Telecine

This hybrid dance film with acting and contemporary dance let us revive the mother's death of a woman. After a first act recalling the intensive relationship between the mother and the daugther, the second act sees the death arriving, while they both have to face the mother's death in the last act. The daughter's monologues on her questionning towards death, vibrantly quoting Simone de Beauvoir, let us experience this film as a true fiction.



PL | 2015 | 28’ | HD | Polish, English (sub.) | By Krzysztof Stasiak | BMC Films

Meaning “tango” in Latin, Tactum mixes contemporary dance, tango and classical ballet. Highlighting the “sensation of a body”, the idea of touch is exploited through the perspectives of masculinity and femininity in a celebration of the four elements: earth, water, air and fire. The Polish choreographers, Ester Duarte, Chiche Nunez and Witold Jurewicz open new doors to dance programming.


FR | 2015 | 73’ | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Revealed in the TV show "France's Got a Great Talent", The Fantastic Dancers combine the art of Yamakasi, Hip Hop dance, acrobatics and singing, with an uncredible sense of humor. They dance in colourful costumes for our best pleasure on all kinds of musics (Mozart, Edith Piaf, Michael Jackson, Barry White etc.). Direction: Christian Lelo, Rubia Matignon.


FR | 2015 | 45’ | HD | French | By François Dubreuil | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions 

Popul’Hair is a choreographic creation by Myriam Soulanges with four contemporaryhiphop dancers and a DJ on stage. On electro music, they confront their appearance, identity, difference and social allegiance, transforming this performance into a critical ode to the postcolonial society. This programme is presented by Greg Germain in the Multiscénik show.


FR | 2015 | 52’ | HD | French | By Eric Ellena & Tristan Leyri | French Connection 

The renowned French choreographer Anthony Egea revisits the codes of urban dance with his Compagnie Rêvolution, meaning dream and revolution in French. His young world champions of electro dance take the stage, seeking release to be embodied in "bliss".


FR | 2015 | 52’ | HD | French | By Marie-Pierre Bousquet | Axe Sud | Broadcasters: France Ô - Culturebox

The more & more praised French choreographer Ibrahima Sissoko of the Ethadam dance company, dares investing Tschaikowski’s masterpiece with all his creativity. The codes of classical ballet are succesfully mixed with break dance & hip hop techniques on electro and the original music.

Street BAllet

FR | 2014 | 52’ | HD  | By Anne Dorr | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: Culturebox

This contemporary ballet is based on a hip hop choreography playing with "classical" arts codes to outstand it and delight a wider audience. Five dancers wearing classical music instrumentalists suits, masked like in classical theater plays, dance on classical music repertoire works (Bach, C. SaintSaëns, etc.) and Yann Tiersen's ones (Amélie). The choreographer, Roua Bah, worked with the Cirque du Soleil, the Cie KAFIG and the Cie JEROME SAVARY.

Romeo & Juliet

FR | 2013 | 100’ | HD | English, French (sub.) | By Jean Marie David

5e Planète | Broadcasters: Mezzo, TVE

Shakespeare’s mythical story is performed by dancers of the National Ballet and Contemporary Dance Company of Spain at the Royal Theater of Madrid, Teatro Real. Goyo Montero, the Artistic Director of the Nuremberg’s Ballet Company signs the choreography and Prokofiev’s music is played by the Madrid Symphonic Orchestra.

RomeoS & JulietS

FR | 2011 | 80’ | HD | French | By Denis Caïozzi | Axe Sud | Broadcaster:

France Télévisions 

In the first hip hop ballet of Romeo and Juliet, with 7 hip hop dancers, 1 circassian and 1 actor, Sebastian Lefrançois, the director revisits iconic scenes of the original part : the ball, the balcony, the battle of the Capulets and the Montaigu ... The electronic music creation by Vincent Artaud is superimposed on the original symphony music by Laurent Couson.


FR | 2013 | 73’ | HD  | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud, Company Malka | Broadcaster: France Télévisions 

Since its publication in 1816, this tale by Hoffman has inspired many choreographers, directors and filmmakers. This performance revisits the story and provides "a" phantasmagoric nutcracker, reinvented through hip hop dance influences.


FR | 2011 | 54' | HD | By Roberto Maria Grassi | French | Axe Sud, Compagnie Arcosm | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Thomas Guerry, choreographer and director and Camille Rocailleux, composer and director sign a brilliant hilarius non spoken danced play. A man is busy with his daily actions in the privacy of his cramped inside. Small unexpected events gradually gripper his mechanical repetitive existence. They take a disproportionate importance precipitating situations becoming more and more excentric.


FR | 2010 | 77’ | HD  | French | By Denis Caïozzi | Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions 

José Montalvo and Dominique Hervieu, choreographers offer an extravagant version, between opera and musical, of one of the greatest myth, combining dance, song, text and image. In this story with many faces, scores of Monteverdi, Gluck & Philip Glass discuss while the hero turns into a onelegged hiphop dancer or in an acrobat on stilts. The myth of Orpheus thus revisited allows to think love, seduction, power, with moments of grace, humor and fear.

Théâtre Nationale de Chaillot

Compagnie Montalvo Hervieux

EVE's TEMPTATION - Pietragalla Solo Dancer

FR | 2010 | 77’ | HD | French | By Antoine Vidaling / Julien Derouault | Pill Productions & Pietragalla compagnie le théâtre du corps, with the participation of
Théâtre de l’Avant Seine de Colombes

This history of women over the centuries explores the female condition and its symbols. Alone on stage, Marie-Claude Pietragalla returns to the origins of the world, incorporating the myths and the forces that manipulate us. Pietragalla excels in metamorphosing herself in women of various genres. She plays with the codes from drama to burlesque and delivers an intimate and universal performance.

6 Ballets by choreographers and dancers with black roots 


FR | 2011 | 56’ | HD  | By Roberto Maria Grassi |  Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

In Yun Chane's choreography, from Reunion's island, three black dancers explore the theme of rebound, abolishing the boundaries between hiphop and contemporary dance, reconnecting with the pleasure of "being together" in all ways.

KatleHong Cabaret

FR | 2012 | 70’ | HD | By Roberto Maria Grassi | Axe Sud |

Broadcaster: France Télévisions

In the 60s, the apartheid relocated black people in townships, place of poverty, but also the soil of a overflowing culture, the pantsula (mime scenes of life in the townships). Via Katlehong from South America depicts on stage its creativity, with live traditional music. The dancers modernize the gumboots (clapping on boots) with the mogaba (stamping feet & clapping hands).


FR | 2011 | 57’ | HD | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: 

France Télévisions

In the 60s, the apartheid relocated black people in townships,place of poverty, but also the soil of a overflowing culture, the pantsula (mime scenes of life in the townships). Via Katlehong depicts on stage its creativity, with live traditional music. The dancers modernize the gumboots (clapping on boots) with the mogaba (stamping feet & clapping hands).


FR | 2010 | 56’ | SD | By Denis Caïozzi | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

The choreographer and Dancer DeLaVallet Bidiefono questions
the foundations of its commitment to dance and his roots.


FR | 2010 | 47’/56' | SD | By Denis Caoïzzi | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Choreographers from Burkina Faso: Salia Sanou & Seydou Boro, fonders of
Termitière in Ouagadougo.

CONCERT Of a disjointed man 

FR | 2010 | 47’ | SD | By Denis Caoïzzi | Axe Sud | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

Ballet in which each instrument depicts an aspect of the human personality: bass guitar, solidity, guitar, instability, tamani, doubt, calabash, ambition, the voice of the singer/dancer, the person responsible for his life, feeding the choreographic research.

Choreographer: Seydou Boro 

The legend of Marukoa

FR | 2013 | 73’ | HD | By Greg Germain | Coproducers: Axe Sud, Company Malka Broadcaster: France Télévisions

The 39 dancers of Les Ballets de Tahiti Ora perform this worldwide famous show, an invitation to discover Tahiti. Directed by Tumata Robinson, the ballet is not only based on a virtuoso choreography, but also on the rhythm of Polynesian percussion, beautiful costumes & royal jewelry. Winner of the 129th Heiva Tahiti, the renowned dance festival in the South Pacific, the dance company won in 2011 six of the most prestigious awards,among which the grand prize of dance, costumes and orchestral ensemble.

Alice in Chinese wonderland

FR | 2013 | 96’ | HD | By Jean-Christophe Pontiès | Axe Sud | Broadcaster:

France Ô

Transposition of the famous novel by Lewis Carroll, this performance mixing circus and dance will take you into Alice’s journey in Wonderland. The Chinese performers offer new perspectives on this story, in which you can also bring elements from your own imagination, through the interpretation of the images.

Opéra Grand Avignon