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ECAD's presentation, 10 Tips for Global Success With Your Int'l Distributor, was very well attended and received at 2023 Sunny side of the doc, in La Rochelle, France.

Speakers: Pauline Mazenod, Windrose & Anne Littardi, Béliane.

Moderation: Peter Hamilton.





AHBAP - for donations that will go directly in earthquake funds.

AKUT - voluntary research, assist, and rescue organization 

OXFAM - one of the world's largest emergency aid and development organizations 

NEEDS MAP - social cooperative that brings people in need together with individuals, institutions and organizations that want to support.

LGBTQIA+ Earthquake Solidarity - queer relief fund for the 6 February 

Earthquake LGBTQIA+ and/or SW survivors

Nar Sanat Derneği (NGO) & Birteksen Workers Union - organize relief and aids for immigrants and refugees in Antep 



The ongoing crisis in Iran have put Iranian filmmakers in direct danger. You can support them through: The ICFR Emergency Fund for Filmmakers






SUPPORT UKRAINIAN FILMMAKERS: The ICFR Emergency Fund for Filmmakers.

You can also contribute through the following websites:
Institute of Documentary Film
Docudays UA to support Ukrainian filmmakers
This filmmaker-initiated campaign, supporting filmmakers on the ground in Ukraine
Freefilmers (to support disabled, neurodiverse and other marginalised groups)
babylon '13 (Youtube channel, direct donations here)
Resources for intersectional support of Ukraine here

Story of three women introducing surf in Iran, the documentary Into the Sea has just been acquired by BBC Arabic. WINDROSE is proud to support Iranian women who are fighting for their rights. Screener request for INTO THE SEA at






In addition to the 38 laurels already received, Chasing Mandela's Rainbow has been officially selected to the Reykjavik Independent Film Festival in Iceland, the Stroud Film Festival in England and the Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven in Belgium! 


Chasing Mandela's Rainbow is also selected for the UNESCO competition at the 27th edition of Afrika Filmfestival in Leuven, in Belgium which will take place from 22 April till 7 May 2022. Among five documentaries, two will be awarded a financial prize.


Trailer | Screener:


BIRDS OF THE LAKES RETURN was broadcasted by ARTE on 24 December 2021 at 20.05pm. We would like to thank ARTE from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful collaboration and for giving young and old the opportunity to change the way they look at our natural surroundings.


Feel free to request the screener to




Windrose is very proud to announce that the documentary BEVERLY PEPPER, A PASSAGE OF TIME (IT | 2020 | 52’ / feature length version possible if pre-buy) directed by Luca Cococetta & Marco Zaccarelli and produced by Visioni Future, won the BEST FILM AWARD at the Berlin International Art Film Festival. Feel free to request the screener to


Beverly Pepper was the American iconic artist who revolutionized land art by using Corten Steel in monumental installations, exhibited in the most prestigious museums all around the world (MET in NY, the White House Sculpture Garden, the Smithsonian’s Institution in Washington DC, les Jardins du Palais Royal in Paris, Palazzo Degli Uffizi in Florence, Italy, etc.). She passed away on 5 February 2020.


Windrose is proud to present out three high-end TV fiction series AGATHA'S CASE FILES, THE DARK SIDE OF THE LIGHT, and HARBIN at Series Mania in Lille from Monday 30 August to Wednesday 1 September 2021!

Feel free to request screeners to


After the Award of Best Documentary at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival, the documentary Beyond My Steps won the Best Documentary Award at the 8th Edition of Aquiteruras Film Festival, Portugal.

Screener request of the documentary BEYOND MY STEPS showing the creation of the new performance of the Angolan Contemporary Dance Company:


Laurent Gbagbo, former President of Côte d'Ivoire, acquitted by the International Criminal Court, where he was tried for crimes against humanity, visited his former rival Bédié, under the sign of reconciliation. Once opponents, they are now allies.

Screener request of the documentary LAURENT GBAGBO, DICTATOR OR ANTICOLONIALIST? recalling his whole mandate as President of Ivory Coast:


For the bicentenary of Napoleon's death in 2021, request the screeners of our documentaries EXILE OF THE EAGLEWATERLOO - THE ULTIMATE BATTLE, or NAPOLEON, THE AMERICAN DREAM (



DISTRICT ZERO about one of the biggest refugee camp in Jordan will be screened at the Bologna Cinémathèque on 9/07/2021. Screener request at






The episode of the documentary series MOVING LIBRARIES taking place in Italy won the Best Short Doc Award at the Firenze Film Festival in Italy!

This 5x26’ series presents initiatives carried out by citizens from all around the world to greater the access to books. 

Trailer | Screener:



Børge Mogensen is iconic and timeless! Danish design of the 50ies still inspires the biggest fashion brands.


Børge Mogensen - Designs for life: TRAILER 



left side: Børge Mogensen 1949 | right side: ZARA 2020


Pauline Mazenod, Windrose's Head of Film Acquisitions and Sales is proud to be a member of the jury for the 2020 Jackson Wild Media Awards celebrating excellence and innovation in science and nature storytelling! The finalists will be announced on August 1.
Pauline Mazenod, Windrose's Head of Acquisitions & Sales has been working for Sunny Side Of The Doc as a mentor to help producers preparing a successful pitch. She is also an expert at "Meet the experts!" If you're registered to Sunny Side Of The Doc, you can book expert consultations to benefit from professional advice. Browse the fields of expertise, choose until 4 specialists you want to exchange with and Sunny side of the doc schedules an online meeting for you!

On the 14th of December 2020 will be celebrated 25 years anniversary of the end of the Bosnian civil war & of the Bosnian Independence. To learn more about the political & social situation in the Balkans, request our documentaries Return to Bosnia, Vukovar(s) and No Smoking in Sarajevo. Screener request at



Discrimination of black people is more than ever unacceptable. What is the situation in South Africa? In Mandela’s quest for equality, school was supposed to be the central pillar to build a new society. What are the results 30 years after the end of apartheid? Their school system is one of the worst with most black pupils in poor public schools & most of white kids in rich private institutions reproducing the society of the past. CHASING MANDELA’S RAINBOW features three black kids: Who will succeed, despite the unequal system & who will fail because of it?


During the COVID lock-down, Windrose has been very active, by giving consultancy to filmmakers and help them develop their film projets to meet a broad international audience, refine their financing strategy and festival submissions plan. We also identified potential international coproducers. We watched rough cuts and trailers to discuss final editing improvements and make the film an international success. We finally attended a lot of online industry events.



The documentary EAST OF OUR MEMORIES has been officially selected at the FIGRA, the International Festival of TV Reports and Social issues Documentaries, which took place from 11 to 14 March 2020 in Le Touquet, France.






A deep-sea scientist discovered that the majority of micro-plastics is not near the surface, but 200 meters (650 feet) below, which shows that the threats of micro-plastics is vastly underestimated. One way to preserve the oceans is to tackle the problem before it reaches them. Clever initiatives motivate the inhabitants to clean the rivers of the plastic. Request PLASTIC PIRATES: THE OFFICIAL STORY OF THE PLASTIC CUP at



In a globalised world where cultures are getting lost, let’s follow Brandon on his passage to adulthood ritual, the Maraké, in a remote commune in the equatorial forest of Guiana, where the traditions and cultural heritage are fortunately still alive!

Screener request for BRANDON'S MARAKE at





After the death of the last male white rhino from the North one year ago, the species is officially extinct (with only two female remaining). The only hope is artificial insemination, which is planned to take place in June 2019. Embark on a scientific journey and follow international teams on their quest to save the rhinos from extinction in RHINOS IN THE FREEZER.

Trailer | Screener request:



Rwanda is going to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of the Tutsis genocide on April 8th 2019. Estimated deaths range from 500.000 to 1 Million, which is about 70% of the Tutsi population. Our documentary shows the importance of remembering the history to build the future.

Trailer | Screener request at




There is an alarming news for migrating birds: it is estimated that by 2050, 80% of migrating birds, will be endangered. Our award winning documentary “Birds of the Lakes Return” shows how thanks to human effort, we can bring our flying friends back to re-naturalized areas which were damaged by industry in the past.

Trailer | Screener request at




We will celebrate in 2019 Leonardo Da Vinci’s 500th death anniversary. The first episode of our series The Antagonists: Rivalry In Art (5X52') is dedicated to the rivalry between Da Vinci and Michelangelo: a whole section of the Florentine Renaissance revisited by the prism of the artistic rivalry that opposed them in the sixteenth century.

Trailer | Screener request at



Discover our documentary about the iconic figure of blues: Robert Johnson, who was a major inspiration for legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendricks, the Rolling Stones etc. His 80th death Anniversary is in 2018. The final version of MISSISSIPPI RAMBLIN' is completed.  

Screener request at




The documentary Ladies' Turn (52', PBS, ARTE) presents courageous Senegalese women passionately playing football in a Muslim society. Seyni Ndir Seck, one of the main protagonists became the President of the Senegalese Female Football Commission.

Screener request at




On April 8, 2019, Rwanda will commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the beginning of the genocide, which has dramatically changed the history of this country.

Screener request of the documentary YOLANDE OR THE SCARS OF THE SILENCE (52 '| HD) at





The documentary THE MACAW KINGDOM (52’ | HD) about the conservation of Macaw parrots in Peru received this science film award at the Gödöllö International Nature Film Festival, Hungary.

The festival got bombarded by emails of people who would like to watch it.  

Screener request at




A study (published on 24/04/2018) reveals that up to 12 000 micro-plastics are found in every litter of the Arctic ocean. To fight against this increase, the Plastic Cup motivates every year hundreds of volunteers to pick up plastic from a river.  

Screener request of the documentary Plastic Pirates: The Official Story Of The Plastic Cup at




The inhabitants of Greenland are voting for their representatives. The outcome of this election may lead to a vote for the independence of the island from Denmark. Discover our wonderful documentary The Last Ice Hunters portraying how the daily life of the Inuits changed with the Danish influence since the first Danish settlers arrived in 1721. 

Screener request of the documentary at



The last white male rhinos died on 20 March 2018 in Kenya. Only two females of this sub-species are still alive. Our soon to be completed film Rhinos in the Fridge will present how scientists try to save this almost extinct rhinoceros species from poaching and climate change with one potential solution: artificial insemination.

Screener request of the documentary at




Balkan countries want to be part of the European Union, but political instability and some corruption issues in these countries will make their membership difficult to reach. Watch our documentaries covering various topics in the Balkans:

No Smoking in Sarajevo, Return to Bosnia & Vukovar(s).

Screener request at




While Europe is facing a cold wave, with Paris freezing at -10°C and cities in Russia reaching -35°C, Greenland’s climate is surprisingly warm, hovering between -3 and +3°C. How do natives actually live in Greenland? Discover their customs and traditions in our exclusive documentary “The Last Ice Hunters” in 4K and enjoy the trailer. Screener request of the documentary THE LAST ICE HUNTERS at



The Museum, Centre Pompidou, in Paris is holding a retrospective on David Goldblatt, the renowned South-African photographer, who documented the transformation of the South African society over the last 50 years. We invite you to watch our documentary on the most famous South African photographers, featuring David Goldblatt. Screener request of the documentary SOUTH AFRICA, CHROMATIC PORTRAITS at 

An offensive airstrike by the Syrian army caused the death of over 220 civilians and injured hundreds on 8 February 2018. The war in Syria has been going on for almost seven years now. For an inside look of daily street battles, follow a journalist as she films the life of the rebels in the war fields. Screener request of the documentary 12 DAYS AND 12 NIGHTS IN DAMASCUS at



Ethiopia’s most popular singer, Teddy Afro, is back! Not welcome in his own country by the current political regime, because he is nostalgic of the empire which reigned before 1975, he performed in a huge concert in Ethiopia end of January 2018. The documentary JAMMING ADDIS on the return of Ethiopian jazz musicians in Ethiopia also highlights how they influenced the world with their music creativity during their exile. Screener request at



In the framework of the current crisis of supervisors of French prisons, more and more deprived in front of prisoners, discover the relation supervisors - prisoners under a new angle in a Belgian prison in the documentary Beyond The Bars, and more widely how all the staff of a prison gives meaning to its job. Screener request of BEYOND THE BARS at




In 2018, 100 years of women’s voting right in UK were celebrated. Federica Montseny was fighting in the 30ies in Spain against the fascist government to finally become the first female minister. Screener request of FEDERICA MONTSENY, THE INDOMITABLE at





If a tribute is being paid to IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who just passed away, Børge Mogensen, who also started his career in the 40ies, deserves just as much recognition, as a Danish designer, who also improved furniture in their functions and aesthetics, giving access to it to everyone, which massively impacted modern lifestyles. Request the screener of the documentary BØRGE MOGENSEN - DESIGNS FOR LIFE to​