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An offensive airstrike by the Syrian army caused the death of over 220 civilians and injured hundreds on 8 February 2018. The war in Syria has been going on for almost seven years now. For an inside look of daily street battles, follow a journalist as she films the life of the rebels in the war fields. Screener request of the documentary 12 DAYS AND 12 NIGHTS IN DAMASCUS at pmazenod@windrose.fr

Ethiopia’s most popular singer, Teddy Afro, is back! Not welcome in his own country by the current political regime, because he is nostalgic of the empire which reigned before 1975, he performed in a huge concert in Ethiopia end of January 2018. The documentary JAMMING ADDIS on the return of Ethiopian jazz musicians in Ethiopia also highlights how they influenced the world with their music creativity during their exile. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

In the framework of the current crisis of supervisors of French prisons, more and more deprived in front of prisoners, discover the relation supervisors - prisoners under a new angle in a Belgian prison in the documentary Beyond The Bars, and more widely how all the staff of a prison gives meaning to its job. Screener request of BEYOND THE BARS at pmazenod@windrose.fr

On 6/02/2018, 100 years of women’s voting right in UK were celebrated. Ellie Taylor, British humorist used this opportunity to sarcastically present on BBC all the problems women encounter because they’re women. But far before Taylor, Federica Montseny was fighting in the 30ies in Spain against the fascist government to finally become the first female minister and transform an entire country. Screener request of FEDERICA MONTSENY, THE INDOMITABLE at pmazenod@windrose.fr

FAST FORWARD about time acceleration -which won the Aina Roger Award at FIGRA, France- is now available in 52'. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

The winning car of the car design fair in Paris, France (Feb. 2018) was the blue Alpine A110 having a blue... and a design very close to the one of the cult EB110 Bugatti car, whose company revolutionized car design in the 90ies. Request the screener of the documentary THE BLUE FACTORY unveiling this thrilling adventure to pmazenod@windrose.fr.

If a tribute is being paid to IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, who just passed away, Børge Mogensen, who also started his career in the 40ies, deserves just as much recognition, as a Danish designer, who also improved furniture in their functions and aesthetics, giving access to it to everyone, which massively impacted modern lifestyles. Request the screener of the documentary BØRGE MOGENSEN - DESIGNS FOR LIFE to pmazenod@windrose.fr.​

16/01/2018: an Ivoirian minister is being judged for conspiracy against the authority of the state. The former President Laurent Gbagbo is also currently judged for crimes against humanity. Request the screener of the documentary LAURENT GBAGBO, DICTATOR OR ANTICOLONIALIST? unveiling the recent history of the Ivory Coast under Gbagbo’s presidency to pmazenod@windrose.fr.

On 1 March 2018 will be celebrated 150 years anniversary of the birth of ADOLFO WILDT, the great sculptor. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr. ​

On 25 March 2018 will be celebrated 100 years of Debussy’s death. Feel free to request our concert TRIBUTE TO DEBUSSY presenting his best works to pmazenod@windrose.fr.

Le Monde -the French newspaper- showcases in its article (dated 10/12/2017) the threats of climate change on the Inuits living in KIVALINA (Alaska, USA), who are going to be the first climatic refugees. Fleeing from the destruction of their habitats by the rising water levels, they need to relocate. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

The documentary BUDAPEST INFERNO: The Secrets Of The Molnar Janos Cave (screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr) was selected at 21 international film festivals and won 12 awards including best science documentary, best underwater film, best diving film, best music, best nature/travel film etc. ​

​​EU recognises bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has classified bisphenol A, a chemical found in many common plastic products, as an endocrine disruptor and a ‘substance of very high concern’. Understand what is behind bisphenol A thanks to the documentary The GREAT INVASION. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

On 20 June 2018 will be celebrated the World Refugee Day. It is the right time to screen DISTRICT ZERO which keeps being awarded in festivals all over the world. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

Xavier Veilhan's musical pavillon «Studio Venezia» represented France at 57th international Biennale of contemporary art in Venise, Italy, from 13 to 26 May 2017. Screener request of ARCHITECTONES at pmazenod@windrose.fr

Tackling with the use of the Creole language in Guinea Bissau's music contributing to the creation of a national identity, the documentary LANTANDA was selected by more than 10 festivals in a year. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr.

Story of three women introducing surf in Iran, the documentary Into the Sea received the Peace and Sport Award at Sportel in Monaco. Screener request for INTO THE SEA at pmazenod@windrose.fr.

On 17 July 2016, 17 sites from the architect Le Corbusier, which are located in seven different countries, i.e. France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan and Argentina have been listed as World Heritage sites. Screener request for LE CORBUSIER'S CENTURY at pmazenod@windrose.fr.

Pauline Mazenod, WINDROSE's Head of Film Acquistions and Sales was invited by EUROPE CREATIVE MEDIA to debate WHAT A DISTRIBUTOR CAN DO FOR YOU BEYOND DISTRIBUTION with Franz Mangelberger, media consultant under the moderation of Catherine Buresi, during MIPCOM 2017 in Cannes. Feel free to read the take-aways of EUROPE CREATIVE MEDIA.