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  • EU recognises bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor 

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has classified bisphenol A, a chemical found in many common plastic products, as an endocrine disruptor and a ‘substance of very high concern’. Understand what is behind bisphenol A thanks to the documentary The Great Invasion. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr


  • On 20 June 2017 was celebrated the World Refugee’s Day. It is the right time to screen District Zero which keeps being awarded in festivals all over the world. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr


  • Xavier Veilhan's musical pavillon «Studio Venezia» represented France at 57th international Biennale of contemporary art in Venise, Italy, from 13 to 26 May 2017. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr


  • Windrose sheds light on international distribution contracts at a panel with lawyer Brian Levine at 2017 MIPTV. Feel free to read the take-aways of EUROPE CREATIVE MEDIA, Peter Hamilton and EDN.


  • An Ivory Coast jury acquitted former first lady Simone Gbagbo of crimes against humanity during the 2010-11 post-election crisis in a stunning verdict after the prosecution which had sought her to jail for life. Laurent Gbagbo's trial for crimes against humanity is ongoing. Screener request for Laurent Gbagbo, Dictator Or Anticolonialist? at  pmazenod@windrose.fr..

  • The Trump administration is dismantling a rule under former President Barack Obama that slashed carbon dioxide emissions and discouraged coal-fired electricity.There is a fear to witness the acceleration of ice melting in the Arctic because of climate change. Screener request for Kivalina at pmazenod@windrose.fr

  • Fast Forward about time acceleration is touring in Switzerland thanks to the Green Film Festival and won the Aina Roger Award at FIGRA, France. Screener request at pmazenod@windrose.fr

  • On 17 July 2016, 17 sites from the architect Le Corbusier, which are located in seven different countries, i.e. France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan and Argentina have been listed as World Heritage sites. Screener request for Le Corbusier's Century at pmazenod@windrose.fr.


  • Story of three women introducing surf in Iran, the documentary Into the Sea received the Peace and Sport Award at Sportel in Monaco. Screener request for Into The Sea at pmazenod@windrose.fr.


  • Tackling with the use of the Creole language in Guinea Bissau's music contributing to the creation of a national identity, the documentary Lantanda was selected by more than 10 festivals in a year. Screener request for Lantanda at pmazenod@windrose.fr.