All year long submissions:


EURIMAGES : feature length animation, fiction or documentary international coproductions fund.


EUROPE CREATIVE MEDIA: EU cinema and audiovisual fund.


IBERMEDIA: international film fund for Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese audiovisual and cinematographic films.


CAAM documentary fund: production or post-production funding to independent producers with stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences. Awards typically range between $15,000 and $50,000.


Online Impact Lab (01/2021 & 8-9/03/2021, Geneva, Switzerland): documentary project about pressing social or environmental issues submission for an impact campaign development and to win a cash prize.


The Sanbox Fundoffers grants for films exploring the link between science and culture through innovative documentary storytelling. It is administered by the Sundance Institute Documentary Fund, in collaboration with Sandbox Films.


Catapult Film Grant: for nonfiction films and filmmakers: $10,000 grant plus six months of mentorship and professional development to five filmmakers in the early conception and research phase of developing a new film idea.


OKRE's Accelerator Fund (UK): Charity giving grants to develop any documentary (including science, global issues, environment etc.) in 2021.


Chicken & Egg Pictures: US-based nonprofit film fund supporting women directed documentaries.


Documentary international financing guide published by FMC.


Feel free to submit your film project to:


- Cinekid ScreeningClub: kids film submission for this digital sales library until 14/09/2021.

Junior Co-production Market:  children's projects submission to meet financiers, and broadcasters for productions in development until 1/07/2021. 

- SILBERSALZ Science & Media Pitch (17-18/09/2021, Halle, Germany): science documentary project in development submission until 31/05/2021.

- Series Mania Forum COPRO PITCHING SESSION (30/08-01/09/2021, Lille, France): fiction series project submission until 10/05/2021.

- MUSIC SERIES PITCH CONECTA FICTION (28-30/06/2021 and 13-17/09/2021, Pamplona, Navarra,  Spain): music fiction series submission until 7/05/2021.

- Pitch Copro Series, at Conecta Fiction (28-30/06/2021): fiction series project submission until 30/04/2021.

- Pitch of the Sunny Side of the Doc (21-24/06/2021, La Rochelle, France): documentary project (wildlife, global issues, arts & culture, science, history, submission until 22/04/2021).

TFL Co-Production Fund: feature length film (fiction, animation, documentary) submission until 15/04/2021 for a grant of 50 000 EUR.

- Distribution IDFA Bertha Fund for international coproductions documentaries from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe: submissions until 01/10/2021. IBF Europe: International Co-production until 01/04/2021.

Les B.A de Série Series (30/06-2/07/2021, Fontainebleau, France) : fiction series project submission until 30/04/2021 for pitching session (Award until 75 000€).


2021 closed submissions:


- DocsBarcelona (18-30/05/2021) : documentary project submission closed for a pitch and one one one meetings with coproducers and financing partners and several financial awards.

CINEMA FOR CHANGE (7-8/04/2021): European film projects about sustainibility submission closed for coproduction and financiers event.

Sheffield Doc/Fest Arts Talent Market: project submission closed.

Trickstar Business Award (7 500 EUR): animation project that has an innovative business concept submission closed.

Co-Production and Financing Market of Animation Production Days (4-7/05/2021, Stuttgart, Germany): animation project submission closed for one one one meetings with coproducers and financing partners.

MeetMarket (9-11/06/2021, Sheffield Doc Fest, UK): documentary project application closed for one on one meetings with industry decision makers.

Pitchs Mifa (15-18-06/2021, Annecy, France): animation film application closed.

DOK.fest (5-16/05/2021, Munich, Germany): film project submission for one on one copro meetings closed.

The Whickers Film & TV Funding Award: documentary project submission closed.

- online Hot Docs Forum (04-05/05/2021, Toronto, Canada): film projects submission to be pitched to a roundtable of international decision makers: closed. 
- Online Hot Docs Deal Maker (May 2021, Toronto, Canada): film projects submission until 4/01/2021 for one-on-one pitch.


2020 closed submissions:


Pitching du réel, Docs in Progress, Rough Cut Lab (16-24/04/2021, Nyon, Switzerland): submission closed.

Global pitch, Sunny side of the doc (2-3/02/2021) : current affairs doc projects application closed.

m:brane Forum (16-18/03/2020): film projects for kids closed.

DocsBarcelona (18-30/05/2021): documentary projects submission closed.

IDFA Bertha Fund Europe - Distribution scheme : grants submission closed.

Catapult Film Fundfilm project submission until 1/12/2020.

Hot Docs - Blue ice Docs Fund: film project submission closed for development and production grants for doc makers who live and work on the African continent.

East Doc Platform (6-12/03/2021, Prague, Czech Republic): feature length film projects, docu-series and non-fiction transmedia projects from the CEE region submission closed.

When East meets West (online and physical, 24-28/01/2021, Trieste, Italy): producers from Europe, Israel, North and South America looking for coproducers. Submissions closed.

FIPADOC (19-22/01/2021, Biarritz, France): documentary project submissions from Czech Republic, Slovak, Poland and Hungary for the International Coproduction Forum and Pitch Forum to be sent for free to closed. The film entry for projects from other countries is 40 EUR.

Film project submissions for the pitch closed.

"Crowdfund your documentary!": film submission closed.

CPH:FORUM (17-28/03/2020, København V, Denmark): Project submission for coproduction and financing search closed.

  • FICTIONONFICTION: Challenging works in the hybrid landscape between fiction and non-fiction.
  • CINEMA: High-end theatrical feature-length documentaries with international distribution potential.
  • F:ACT: Projects bridging the fields of filmmaking, investigative journalism and activism.
  • ART: Film projects positioned in the borderland between art and film and screened both within the institution of cinema and that of visual arts.
  • SCIENCE: Creative documentary film and new media projects on science and technology.

GZDOC (14-17/12/2020, Guangzhou, China): Film project submission closed for one-on-one meetings with decision makers and pitching forum participation.

online RIDM Face-à-Face (12-19/11/2020, Montréal, Canada): registration for one on one meetings with decision makers closed.

EURIMAGES: feature length coproduced film project submission closed.

- Sources 2: no workshop in 2021.

Circle Women Doc Accelerator: submission closed.

- Eurodoc: submission closed.

World Cinema Fund: funding of production and distribution of feature films and feature-length documentaries from : Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Caucasus as well as Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Sri Lanka.

Lagardère Foundation: for new talents under 30 years. New call in 2021.

BBC Three Pitch 2020 (12/11/2020, Sheffield Doc/Fest, UK): submission closed.

RIDM Labo Rough Cut (12-19/2011, Montréal, Canada): film project (in editing) submission closed.

NETFLIX talent lab (12-19/2011, Montréal, Canada): Canadian film project submission closed.

IJ4EU Fund: call for proposal for EU transboarder and EU accession countries journalistic film projects for subsidies from 5.000 to 50.000 EUR. Submissions closed. 

Edinburgh TV Festival (26-28/08/2020, UK): one on one speed meetings with decision makers are organised for pass holders.

Les Arcs Film Festival, le village des coproductions (12-15/10/2020, Les Arcs, France): min. 70' film project submission for one on one meetings closed.

Emerging Producers Bursary Program (online WCSFP, 8-10/12/2020): application closed for a range of financial support for this year's event, as well as meetings and networking opportunities.

ARD Call for proposal for documentary project closed.

East Doc Series (7-8/09/2020, at Baltic Sea Docs, then 6-12/03/2021, at East Doc Platform in Prague, while the final session will take place on 21–24/06/2021 at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle): documentary series project submission closed.

IDFA Forum (22-25/11/2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands): film project submission for public and one on one pitching closed.

2020 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards: application for a grant closed.

DOK Leipzig (26/10 to 01/11/2020, Germany): Film project submission closed. for one-on-one meetings with decision makers.

DOK Co-Pro Market (26-27/10/2020): projects of feature-length documentaries, interactive works and series that contain creative documentary elements cannot be submitted anymore.

MEDIMED Industry Market, (8-11/10/2020, Sitges, Spain): film project submission closed.

East Silver Market (27/10-1/11/2020, Jihlava, Czech Republic): rough cuts submission from Central and Eastern European countries closed.

IDF (17– 19/10/2020, Hanzhou, China): film project submission for pitching closed.

HOT DOCS TED ROGERS FUND: film submission for Canadian producers closed.

MIA Doc Pitching Forum (14-18/10/2020, Rome, Italy): film project submission for pitch forum until 26/07/2020.

- Busan International Film Festival (7-16/10/2020, Corea): feature film submission closed.

DOHA Film Institute: film project submission for a grant closed.

- Chicken & Egg Pictures NY (supporting women filmmakers), egg(ce)lerator Lab: film project submission for a grant closed.

World Congress of Science & Factual Producers (7-10/12/2020, Strasbourg, France): registration to the event from 01/06/2020. Speed dating with decision makers take place in the framework of this key international congress.

Nordic Co-Production and Finance Market (18-21/08/2020, Haugesund, Norway): cinema film project submission closed.

Coproduction Forum Europe-Latin America (20-23/09/2020, San Sebastian, Spain): film projects (related to Latin America) submission closed to take part in one on one meetings with decision makers.

Sundance Film Institute: submission for a grant closed.

DOCMONTEVIDEO (20/07/2020): coproduction market, film submission closed.

IDFA Bertha Fund Classic: documentary filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe can apply for a grant of up to €17,500 closed.

DOCMONTEVIDEO (27-29/07/2020) : film submission for one on one meetings with buyers closed.

Baltic Sea Docs (1-6/09/2020, Riga, Latvia): film submission for training and public pitch closed.

The Redford Center Call for proposals for documentary project grants, submissions closed.

- online Rendez-vous de la coproduction rhénane (1-2/07/2020, Strasbourg, France): film looking for a coproducer in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France, submission closed.

CrossCurrents Doc Funds: feature length inclusive documentary project submission closed.

Pitch #Film4Change (17-18/06/2020, Deauville, France): Film project submission closed for pitch forum.

Venice Gap-Financing Market (4-6/09/2020, Italy): Film project submission closed for one-on-one meetings with decision makers.

Ex Oriente Film 2020 (Prague, Czech Republic): Film project submission closed for workshop and pitching forum participation.

- Docu Talents (16/08/2020, Sarajevo, Bosnia): Film project submission closed for pitching forum participation and one-on-one meetings with decision makers.

Sunny Side of the Doc (22-25/06/2020, La Rochelle, France): Film project submission closed for pre-registered online pitch and one on one meetings with decision makers.

Tribeca Film Institute: submissions closed.