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RU | 2020 | 4K | 4X45', season 1 completed, season 2 completion August 2020, season 3 completion June 2021, season 4 to be confirmed in 2021 | Russian, English (sub.) | By Vladimir Koifman | Zebra Film Group | Broadcaster: TVC Channel


End of the 19th century. She is an aspiring young fraud. Young, charming, easily changing her appearance. He is a thoughtful, non-standard thinking detective. Her last name is Kern. His - Pushkin. A coincidence or a sign of fate? What pushed a young noble to committing a crime and how far can it take her? Where will a slick detective make a trap for a fraud and does he know mercy? How will their duel end full of adventurous intrigue, murders, mystics and of course love?