FR | 2015 | 75' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster:

France Ô

Shirley Souagnon narrates with humor her misfortunes as a black and homosexual woman, proving that the best way to be happy is to laugh at yourself. She performs with the band "The Krooks" in a very cosy atmosphere.

 ITALY - Brazil 3 to 2

FR | 2014 | 70' | HD | French | By Greg Germain | Axe Sud | Broadcaster:

France Ô

Experience again the cult football game on 5 July 1982,
between Italy and Brazil, through a cheerful one-man show. He performs the superstitions and reactions of an Italian family watching this game. This show may remind you of some situations or people you know.
Autor : Solal Bouloudnine


FR | 2012 | 72' | HD | French | By Roberto Maria Grasi | Axe Sud, Boni and Prod | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

© Charlotte Schousboe

In this stand-up, Ali plays the most truculent characters from his childhood spent in Le Panier in Marseille.


Actor: Ali Landucci


FR | 2011 | 81 ' | HD | French | By Jérémie Cuvilier | Axe Sud, Fiva Production | Broadcaster: France Télévisions

©DR Axe Sud

"Bushman" is a comic show on this ancient African tribe from

Actor: Eric Bouvron

Director: Sophie Forte