IT/CZ/FR | 4K | 26x13’ (objective: 52 episodes) | Completion 2025 | English, Italian, Czech, French | by Danilo Caracciolo | Authors: Danilo Caracciolo, Enzo Chiarullo and Giusi Santoro | POPCult, Krutart, Animalps


Science series for 6-10 year-old kids | 2D animation 


The (true) story of a boy who dreams of being an inventor and is always ready for new crazy experiments.


Guglielmo Marconi known as the inventor of radio, was a curious self-educated kid passionate by electricity, who turned out to become one of the men who revolutionized our society with his inventions enabling us today to use cell phones and satellite technologies, among others. In the idyllic hills of Bologna, Italy, we follow his adventures centred around frenetic experiments, while he was a 6-year-old boy until he was a young adolescent, supported by his family and friends, and ultimately learn with him about the basics of electromagnetic invisible waves, and physics in general. 

>> project << THE truth on sendai city

IT | 4K | 3x26' / 80’ +  4 to 6 episodes fiction series Completion September 2023 | English, Italian (sub.) | by Marco Bolognesi | Authors: Marco Bolognesi and Christian Poli | BOMAR STUDIO, with the support of the Region Emilia Romagna


Science-fiction, distopia for adults | 2D animation with 3D insert


In a dystopic future, the new Governor’s taking office celebration is about to trigger insurrection and chaos in the over-controlled city of Sendai, where individuality is constantly denied in favour of the indistinct mass of the society. Syan and Orange were both assigned the mission to assassinate the Governor, one by the Resistance's movement and the other by the Governor's defeated opponent. Eva, Commander of the armed forces and Governor's wife is hunting Syan in order to kill her because she is a resistant and have had an affair with her husband. As their destinies cross at the end of the party, only one will remain alive, sealing the fate of Sendai City. Each episode unveils the same story through the life, motivation and inner vision of one of the three characters, as one facet of the truth. Three stories of power, love, and Freedom.