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  • On 17 July 2016, seventeen sites from the architect Le Corbusier, which are located in seven different countries, i.e. France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan, Argentina have been rewarded as world heritage sites. Screener request for "Le Corbusier's Century" at marketing@windrose.fr


  • Laurent Gbagbo's trial for crimes against humanity is ongoing. Screener request for « Laurent Gbagbo, Dictator Or Anticolonialist? » at pmazenod@windrose.fr


  • The Pre-COP is being held this week in advance of the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in Paris. The acceleration of ice melting in the Arctic is one of the addressed topics. Screener request for « Kivalina » at marketing@windrose.fr


  • The Kenyans Stanley Biwott & Mary Keitany triumphed on the 2015 New York prestigious marathon. Kenyans &Ethiopians are well-known for being the best long-distance runners in the world. What’s their secret? Screener request for « An Ethiopian Dream » at marketing@windrose.fr.


  • Story of three women introducing surf in Iran, the documentary Into the Sea received the Peace and Sport Award at 2015 Sportel in Monaco. Screener request for « Into The Sea » at marketing@windrose.fr.


  • Tackling with the Creole language in Guinea Bissau music contributing to the creation of a national identity, the documentary Lantanda was selected by more than 10 festivals in a year. Screener request for «Lantanda » at marketing@windrose.fr.